St. Maarten national bird says today’s parliamentarian meeting hotter than fire

Dear Editor,
An Ombudsman is very important, my Dad told me, to any island, country, state and continent.
Some of the public think Rolando is acting as a member of NA party. I think Rolando is trying to help the coalition make the full term.
Read my lips: without UD party or UP Party in this government with NA party, this government would have long ago fallen already.
All Bannis knows is that UP board members are monitoring Rolando 24/7, and will fix Rolando up at UPP congress.
Rolando, be wise and St. Maarten historians please wake up from your slumber and please take note of this Wednesday, August 17th parliamentarians meeting to know exactly who to vote out, come next coming election.
And any new governor should be interested in St. Maarten’s independence to be St. Maarteners’ governor.

Cuthbert Bannis

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