Dear Editor,

Several people have several different opinions about the arrest of the MP. There are a few people who like to pick my brains who called me and told me that it seems as if I want to leave the MP off the hook. Let me again mention that I do not condone wrongdoing. I also do not agree with the way Parliamentary immunity is interpreted here. In my opinion that is part of the cause and beginning of corruption: “I can do what I want”.

When I mention corruption in this case I do not mean dishonest or fraudulent behavior by those in power. I am referring to the process by which a word or expression is changed from the original state to one regarded as erroneous . In no form or fashion would I condone wrongdoing and if that MP burns his butt he will have to sit on the blisters.

In our days we used to use Tralala sweet oil. I continually hint that our people in government are people who lay and wait, hoping for the others to make a mistake and then criticise negatively. Instead of helping the same government they represent they are sparing the rod and are contributing towards messing up what is left of the good name of St. Maarten.

I am aware that that MP got away with a little too much, but whose fault is it? Is it not what I have constantly stated about the nature of our people in government – “I will cover up for you if you cover up for me”? So, I am not surprised .

That is why I stated that it is not a laughing matter. A child becomes what it sees, not what it is told not to do. I wonder who is going to cover up for who now, because it is said that the MP alone had more material than the calypsonians on elimination night.

Russell A. Simmons

The Daily Herald

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