Response to ‘Clear answer’ editorial

Dear Editor,

  With great interest we’ve read your editorial “clear answer” on August 24, 2021, and we fully concur with the statement that St. Maarten/GEBE is long overdue in establishing any non-fossil fuel energy production, also called renewables. St. Maarten does not even show up in international renewable ranking lists, together with very few other countries. Besides huge lost opportunities, this is devastating for its image as a green island.

  It must be said, however, that several initiatives have been taken over the past decade and VWMC, a Curaçao-based consultancy company, has been participating in and even leading many of them. As an example, a full feasibility study has been executed for the St Maarten international airport proving a viable [megawatt – Ed.] MW-sized renewable scenario from a technical, financial and operational point of view. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, this has not led to further steps towards implementation. Studies, advices, proposals, et cetera, related to other specific MW-sized projects also to the entire energy sector are readily available for years.

  The opportunities are clear, a lot of preparatory work is done and the first steps are really straightforward. It only requires political willingness to simply take the first step. Not by reinventing but to act upon what exists.