People who elect corrupt politicians, are not victims.......but accomplices!

Dear Editor,
If the interview with Lady Grace and the article in The Daily Herald about the Minister of VROMI threatening PFP MP Peterson two years ago and following up on his threat two years later, does not open the eyes of our people, then the only thing that can be concluded is that we deserve the government we elect.
It was to be expected that our Prime Minister would condone the actions of Minister Doran, because that has been her attitude towards the behaviour of the "young boys" consistently. Defending them at all costs no matter what they do wrong because that is the example that according to our government the people of St. Maarten should follow. She stated that she listened to the interview, but not even Doran's obvious lying about receiving the documents just a couple of days before the interview, or Doran's accusations without any proof, that a big investor, in this case Alegria, had bribed an MP could not convince her that what this minister did was totally wrong. Her conclusion: I am not condemning Doran but PFP has set a "dangerous precedent".
The only precedent that PFP has set in my opinion is that when dealing with unscrupulous politicians, you'd better protect yourself. But now we have another minister of her cabinet, Minister Irion, accusing another MP, MP Emmanuel, only and just because this MP correctly pointed out the wrongdoings of the Minister of VROMI. Minister Irion, stop the deflection, everybody knows what you are trying to do. On top of all of this, MP Marlin who has been absent for a long time, not doing his job in Parliament and thus wasting our taxpayers’ money, has the audacity to ask for the Integrity Chamber to investigate the PFP? The same Integrity Chamber that he has been opposing fervently and even voted pro, to decrease their budget. Like many others are saying, you should resign and give the next person on your party list your seat in Parliament.
Evidently our current government and its members – ministers and MPs – do not want to be held accountable. The question remains: How long more will we have to deal with political intimidation and threats in this country? What threats will our ministers come up with next to attack MP Peterson, MP Emmanuel or whomever MP that according to our Constitution is doing exactly what they were elected for: represent the people of St. Maarten. Next election we will see if our people have learned a lesson. In the end: Insanity is when we keep voting for the same politicians over and over again and expecting a different outcome.
To the other MPs who are actually doing their job, you have come to change the political culture on this island. It is going to be a difficult journey and they will keep coming after you. Please do not give up. Hopefully in the future we will have a strong coalition that will really fight for our people and put the general interest of St. Maarten first.

R. Mercelina

The Daily Herald

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