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Dear Editor,

Someone who knows that I put lyrics for a calypso together, told me. Number two is put there to keep an eye on number one. Otherwise that five-year deal is done.

Now I don' know where he is coming from. So, I stuttered while acting dumb. He still won't slacken so I start to beg. He says, come on Russell you know you only pulling my leg. So, you mean you don' know nothing about the big steal. WhatsApp was full of the illegal deals.

I know him from since I was going school. My mother always tell us they playing us for fools. And as he went on, a thought came to my head. So, I say let me sing "Lady in Red”. You see what I always say about the Dutch. They always come up swinging in the clutch. But for me that was only a little jab. I believe they have a few more to grab. They just do that to see who that move going frighten. Just wait you going see how the noose going tighten. .

He watched me and said, You's a real crook. From you they can't hide nothing in a book. Then he tell me who don't like it, I don't care, but I'm going to say something for everybody to hear. N.A. is the first and only party to last four years. So, from now ah telling them you, my vote is theirs.

So, I told him that we don't know who the other candidates are yet. He say those jokers only looking for what they can get. That was something I definitely could not dispute. Because government after government followed suit. Another surprise we got after asking in so many different ways. The old age pensioners would finally get a raise. .

Because it is my custom to vote for the individual and not for a party. The work that Anna is doing makes my choice easy. And to repeat what my father taught me, really makes a man; is to be able to disagree with another man while shaking his hand..


Russell A. Simmons

The Daily Herald

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