Had enough?

Dear Editor,
I am starting to think that the Minister of VROMI did not read the report of the Ombudsman himself. Claiming that the motion of no-confidence that is hanging over his head has nothing to do with this report, is too ridiculous for words.
Our High Council of State has given a thorough analysis of what transpired during the project. It seems like this minister wants to hold on to his position and will say anything in order not to be held accountable. He came with a story about Alegria, being the reason for this motion of no-confidence. But the question is: Why now? To divert the public's attention away from himself. Is this another smoke screen? Can't he really see or understand what he is doing wrong? Just for him to know: the people are aware of these political games.
Stop this immature behaviour and accept your responsibility for the things that have gone wrong during your tenure. We have had enough!

R. Mercelina
Initial used at author’s request.

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