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Dear Editor,

  I felt the need to write down this article after experiencing a serious problem with Flow’s hybrid-phone plan. Flow’s hybrid data plan is advertised as a post-paid plan of sorts with prepaid advantages. Well, I found out the hard way that their post-paid feature is nothing but a hollow phrase. The monthly invoices that Flow sends to their Hybrid plan customers are due before the end of the month of use. So, for example your April bill would be due on the 30th of April. So, what’s easier than making an automatically monthly reoccurring bank transfer online from your bank account to Flow’s bank account so you don’t have to worry about remembering to make the monthly (fixed amount) payments?

  That’s exactly what I did with an automatic transfer on the 25th of each month. From my RBC NAf. account to Flow’s RBC NAf. account which according to RBC’s customer service is transferred instantly, without delay, on the day that you have scheduled the online transfer.

  By law the money has been transferred, you have paid your bill, but now Flow is claiming that they did not receive their money in time before the end of the month and has disconnected me twice now due to this obviously internal problem that they have.

  Each time they claimed I owed them a NAf. 45 fine for late payment. When I went to the office and submitted copies of all RBC transfers and detailed overview of all invoices/payments over the last year, they let you wait and come back several times (…) and then finally reconnect you without explaining why this is happening.

  A month later the same thing happened again even when I now transfer the payment on the 20th of the month. After going come back, going come back, no supervisor willing to come out and talk to you, many of you can probably relate to this “don’t want to deal with a problem” attitude, it is then when I decided to post this letter. I believe the public should know how Flow is treating their Hybrid customers before they choose to buy this plan. A treatment which I believe is illegal, simply because my instantaneous bank transfers are made well before due dates.

  I forgot to mention that Flow disconnected my phone number while they are still in the possession of my initial security deposit of NAf. 54 which is even NAf. 9 more than the fine they illegally charge!

  Thanks for taking the time to read my letter about my wonderful Flow hybrid experience.

Paul Ideler

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