Domestic violence: Public Enemy Number One

Dear Editor,             

  Civic societies around the world commemorate November 25 as International Day for the Awareness of the Eradication of Violence against Women and Children. Not only is it a time for joint reflection, but it is also time to assess where we are in our joint efforts to combat and eradicate violence against women and girls. Given the increase of violence in general, as well as the noticeable increase of relational violence in particular, we must make a pact and a pledge to declare domestic violence Public Enemy Number One.

  The international theme set by the United Nations Secretary General for November 25, 2022, “Unite! Activism to end violence against women and girls!” emphasises the urgency for civic societies to unite all efforts to inform, educate, prevent, prosecute perpetrators and ultimately heal our communities. A holistic and multidisciplinary approach by all involved must be a joint undertaking.

  Domestic violence is an ugly truth we must boldly defeat through our collective determination. All entities such as those in the medical field, educators, justice department, including law enforcement agencies, mental health organisations, women shelters and the clergy are called once again to unite our efforts if we are to succeed in our mission. Individual outreach and outspoken activism ought to continue relentlessly in order to halt the assault on women and girls. Additionally, placing the emphasis on the state of our mental health in relation to the effects domestic violence has on the costs to our society is timely and appropriate.

  In this respect Peridot Foundation is very pleased to host this year’s programme with guest speaker forensic psychologist Ms. Zoya Hyman on Monday, December 5.

Ms. Hyman is a well-known personality praised for her knowledge, enthusiasm and well-rounded approach to the issues previously outlined.

  A subsequent release will provide information on the full programme and location of our event. Let us resolve to be United! in our efforts to break the deafening silence and declare domestic violence Public Enemy Number One, as we continue in our pursuit to protect loved ones we may lose.

Gracita Arrindell

President of Peridot Foundation

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