WINAIR accepts DHC-300 aircraft with Garmin 950 glass cockpit

WINAIR accepts DHC-300 aircraft  with Garmin 950 glass cockpit

From left: Michael Cleaver, Pilot Huron, Keevan Duzon, Pilot Sigouin and Marco London standing in front of the aircraft.

AIRPORT--WINAIR has accepted the cutting-edge DHC-300 aircraft, equipped with the state-of-the-art Garmin 950 glass cockpit, revolutionizing aviation technology. This aircraft was accepted by WINAIR from Unity Aviation Company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Replacing the outdated systems of the past, the Garmin 950 glass cockpit marks a significant leap forward in aviation technology, WINAIR said in a press release.

“Gone are the days of analogue gauges and limited displays. With the Garmin 950, our crew will now enjoy this advanced avionics system that provides a comprehensive and intuitive display of flight information, navigation data, and aircraft systems on high-resolution, multifunctional screens, enhancing situational awareness,” stated WINAIR.

“The advantages of the Garmin 950 glass cockpit are manifold, providing increased reliability, accuracy and ease of service. This DHC-300 aircraft, coupled with the Garmin 950 glass cockpit, is set to redefine the flying experience and will set the standard in regional aviation, regardless of aircraft type,” stated President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WINAIR Michael Cleaver. WINAIR thanked St. Maarten Civil Aviation, especially inspector Keeven Duzon, as well as quality assurance manager Marco London for travelling to Calgary to assist with acceptance and pre-registration of the aircraft. The aircraft will be in service on June 15.

WINAIR thanked Unity Aviation for its invaluable partnership in bringing the DHC-300 aircraft with the Garmin 950 glass cockpit to fruition. “Additionally, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to their exceptional team of licensed aircraft technicians who dedicated an astounding 18,000 manhours to ensure that our safety and quality standards were not just met, but exceeded. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has resulted in an aircraft that will undoubtedly serve our airline and passengers' needs for years to come,” WINAIR said in the release.

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