WIMA hosting annual Medical Conference to empower community for healthier lifestyles

WIMA hosting annual Medical Conference to empower community for healthier lifestyles

Rotary Club of St. Maarten, Social and Health Insurance, Nagico Insurance, and Windward Islands Medical Association (WIMA) representatives at Monday’s press conference.


 PHILIPSBURG--Windward Islands Medical Association (WIMA) is gearing up to host its annual Medical Conference “Living A Healthy Lifestyle”, set to be a free public forum, at the Belair Community this Thursday, June 6, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

The event promises an enlightening and informative evening for attendees, shedding light on crucial health topics relevant to the community. A press conference hosted by Rotary Club of St. Maarten Monday evening featured key figures from the event, partners and sponsors including Social and Health Insurances, Nagico Insurance, Rotary Club of St. Maarten and WIMA representatives who all provided valuable insights into the upcoming conference. The collaborative effort aims to deliver an engaging platform for the public, offering a glimpse into what attendees can expect from this enlightening event. The conference will showcase speakers of both regional and international backgrounds, with a focus on addressing vital health issues pertinent to local society. Dr. Hidde Deketh emphasised the conference’s primary objective of empowering individuals in the community by providing them with essential information to cultivate healthier lifestyles. Through insightful presentations, attendees can glean valuable knowledge to aid them in making informed lifestyle choices, ultimately leading to improved well-being. Dr. Deketh underscored the increasing interest in “Lifestyle medicine”, a specialised field utilising lifestyle interventions as a key approach in managing chronic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, type two diabetes and obesity. Joining him, Dr. Tasika Bell, a certified lifestyle medicine clinician, said the conference will feature six speakers delivering concise and practical presentations lasting about 10 minutes each. Attendees can anticipate a diverse range of topics, including discussions on nutrition and one’s lifestyle’s role in disease prevention by dietitian Berit Bus from St. Maarten, followed by insights on healthy living and culinary medicine by family physicians Monique Van de Wall Arneman and Ellen Visscher from Curaçao. The programme will also include sessions on mindfulness meditation, sleep hygiene, government initiatives promoting healthy lifestyles, and more. The event will offer attendees the chance to engage in interactive sessions such as a two-minute physical activity demonstration led by Prophysio’s physical therapists and lifestyle coaches from St. Maarten, along with informative lectures on lifestyle interventions by healthcare professionals. The conference will culminate in a panel discussion involving all speakers, providing attendees with an opportunity to pose questions and engage in meaningful dialogue. SZV Corporate Communications Manager Charonne Holder highlighted the significance of this event in promoting health awareness in the community and encouraged active participation to maximise the benefits of the conference. As one of the prominent providers of social and medical insurance, she said SZV recognises the significance of the conference in offering individuals a deeper understanding of their healthcare needs. Holder highlighted the advantage of receiving information directly from medical professionals in one comprehensive sitting, enhancing the overall experience for attendees. In addition, Holder said that SZV is set to unveil its groundbreaking Lifestyle Intervention Pilot Project at the conference. This initiative addresses the challenges associated with implementing

lifestyle intervention programmes in the local island community, outlining the proactive measures SZV is undertaking. The project sheds light on the escalating impact of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) on healthcare expenses and introduces an innovative pilot programme aimed at revolutionising lifestyle interventions in St. Maarten. With a focus on the concerning rise of NCDs in the community and the subsequent surge in healthcare cost for affected individuals, Holder stressed the preventable nature of these conditions through lifestyle modifications. Expressing her enthusiasm, Holder eagerly anticipates sharing the pilot programme with the community on Thursday, emphasising the positive influence it could have on individuals by reducing NCD prevalence and enhancing overall quality of life. She envisions a ripple effect of positivity stemming from this initiative, benefiting both individuals and the community at large. Nagico Insurances Corporate Marketing Manager Lisa Brown proudly announced the company’s ongoing support for the fifth consecutive year of medical conference sponsorship. Brown highlighted the enduring partnership with the event, emphasising the significant benefits that such collaborations bring to the community. She acknowledged the initial approach by Rotary regarding the conference’s inception and underscored the long-term positive outcomes that stem from hosting such impactful gatherings. Brown pointed out that the investments made in organising such events have a cascading effect in the community, ultimately leading to enhanced preventive measures and overall well-being. Expressing her joy, Brown welcomed SZV’s participation in this year’s conference, adding a new dimension to the collaborative efforts aimed at community health and education. She shared her excitement for the upcoming conference, emphasising the wealth of information and opportunities for personal growth that attendees can expect. Brown encouraged community participation, hoping that persons from the community would seize the chance to gain valuable insights that could significantly enhance their lives. She expressed optimism for the continuity of such initiatives in the future, envisioning a sustained impact on community health and well-being through ongoing educational events.

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