SZV says contract with Panama clinic temporary

SZV says contract with  Panama clinic temporary

PHILIPSBURG--Social and Health Insurances SZV says that the contract between SZV and the Panama clinic was always of a temporary nature.

  This was relayed to The Daily Herald by a SZV representative, who further stated that the use of the hospital was “a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and global logistical challenges that hampered access to our contracted hospitals abroad.”

  SZV said it carried out its medical referral tender process to contract specialised medical services abroad in 2020-2021. Unfortunately, the Panama Clinic did not make it through the selection round.

  There are currently five health care institutions that made it through the selection rounds of the tender for medical referrals abroad. There are two institutions in the Dominican Republic, two in Cali, Colombia, and one in Puerto Rico.

  According to SZV, the shortlist was evaluated based on qualification criteria such as logistics, cost, patient communication, safety protocols, and care procedures.

  As far as where patients, who would normally be sent to this clinic, will now receive their treatment in the future, the insurance company explained that SZV-insured patients who require specialised medical treatment, that is not available locally, will be referred abroad to a hospital within the contracted care network of SZV.

  “Based on the finalisation of our medical referrals tender process, a SZV-insured patient will receive treatment in one of these health care institutions.

  “As is customary, which destination a patient is referred to is determined based on type of care or treatment required, travel requirements and restrictions, logistics, etc.,” SZV said.

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