Police arrest two students for fight at school premises

Police arrest two students  for fight at school premises

Police were called after a weapon was spotted in the hand of one of the fighting boys.


PHILIPSBURG--Two students of a high school in the South Reward area were arrested after they fought with each other on the school premises. The fight was reported to police, alleging that was one of the boys had a knife.

  St. Maarten Police Force KPSM Central Dispatch received a call about the fight around 11:00am Thursday. A police patrol was sent to the school.

  After meeting with the school management team, the police officers decided to arrest the two students. They were taken to the police station in Philipsburg where they were detained pending further investigation.

  Police are currently analysing the video that is making the rounds on social media  showing one of the suspects with a weapon. The injuries to the two suspects were minimal.

  Police will continuously patrol the densely-populated school district to curb such incidents.

  KPSM and the Prosecutor’s Office urge students to think deeply about their actions, to keep tempers in check, and avoid starting fights. Participation in fights around school areas can land participants in trouble with the law, which can harm future prospects. It can affect everything from gaining entrance into institutions of higher education to job prospects, police warn.

  “Aiding someone in a fight can constitute complicity, which is also punishable by law,” police said. “Further fights can create an unfriendly and unsafe atmosphere for fellow students and sets a bad example for other students.”

  Bystanders who cheer on and/or film videos of these fights should reflect on their behaviour, as they are creating and contributing to an atmosphere where people get hurt, police said.

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