One-time food vouchers to assist Statia residents

One-time food vouchers to assist Statia residents

Alida Francis

  1. EUSTATIUS--A one-time food voucher of US $40 is being implemented by the public entity St. Eustatius to assist residents with the purchase of food and essential household supplies.

Deputy Government Commissioner Alida Francis stated that in terms of health the coronavirus has largely spared Statia, but in an economic sense the island has been hit as is the case in the surrounding islands and throughout the world.

“With the support of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations, the Statia government will assist residents in providing some financial relief in the daily cost of living,” Francis said. 

A one-time food voucher will be offered to all persons of 18 years and older who are registered in Statia. The vouchers can be used in supermarkets of their choice.

Each adult person in a household will receive a voucher. The vouchers will be distributed starting Monday, July 20. The vouchers will be delivered to the address registered at the Civil Registry (Census Office). Persons are requested to confirm their address by calling the Civil Registry at tel. 318-2497 before Thursday, July 16. The vouchers will be delivered by the Support Services Unit of the Directorate of Social Affairs. Statia is currently COVID-19 free and travel restrictions are relaxed, but new cases may occur. Therefore, residents are asked to prepare for any eventuality and to stock up on essential household goods for approximately two weeks.

The voucher is for food and essential household supplies only. It will not be permitted to use the vouchers to purchase alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, candy, hot prepared meals, beauty and grooming products, tools, vehicle parts, home-improvement items and pet food. The expiration date of the vouchers is January 1, 2021.  

Grocers and store owners are advised to stock up their supply of essential goods. Store owners who want to participate in the voucher programme must be registered with the Support Services Unit at tel. 318-2555.

“We call on those in the community of Statia who do not need the financial support offered through this voucher to consider donating the voucher to persons who are in need. We advise you to contact your local church, community centre or community organisation to donate your voucher anonymously,” Francis said.