MPC director clarifies on COVID-19 situation

MPC director clarifies  on COVID-19 situation

EBENEZER--The School Board for Secondary Education SVOBE assures that its recent coronavirus COVID-19 situation is well under control.

  Milton Peters College (MPC) recently sent out a letter to all parents/guardians informing persons of a possible cluster of COVID-19 in a class.

  Director of SVOBE Jacqueline Duggins-Horsford confirmed to The Daily Herald on Sunday that there are several students and teachers that have been placed in either quarantine or isolation.

  “This is no surprise especially for MPC as we are the school with the largest student population,” said Duggins-Horsford. “MPC is a reflection of the society. I’m comforted that the COVID-19 cases are isolated incidents brought in from outside of the school.”

  Last Thursday, a possible cluster of COVID-19 in a class was identified. She said management acted swiftly and sent the class home to quarantine, get tested and monitor themselves. For this reason, over the weekend, MPC was totally fumigated. “Management is keenly monitoring the situation and will take the appropriate decisions – such as resorting to online classes – if required,” she added.

  When asked by the newspaper about the possible return to online instruction for the SVOBE schools, she said considering the increase in the amount of active COVID-19 cases over the last few weeks, SVOBE schools (Milton Peters College and Sundial School) have been making preparations for a possible return to online classes, in the event the minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport (ECYS) decides to close schools.

  She noted that although fully online classes or blended learning – half online, half face-to-face – is not the preference of educators, as this does not benefit the students, SVOBE is aware of the fact that safety and education must be balanced. The director said that currently all students are attending classes on campus in accordance with the minister’s decision.

  Those students who are in quarantine or isolated have the possibility to receive their school assignments through the platform Google classroom. The teacher is available to assist through this medium or Somtoday, the student tracking system, through which students can also communicate, as well as via created WhatsApp groups.

  The director urged all parents and guardians to discuss with their child(ren) the importance of keeping on their mask on, sanitising and keeping as much distance as possible.

  “COVID-19 has been with us for over 18 months now, and will unfortunately continue to be around for some time. We have to adapt to the current circumstances and follow the known protocols,” she added.

  Parents and guardians are reminded to keep their child at home if he/she: is not feeling well or has flu-like symptoms; has been in contact with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus; is going to test for the coronavirus; or is infected with the coronavirus.

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