Michel Soons retires after 33 years on WYCCF’s board

Michel Soons retires after 33  years on WYCCF’s board

From left: Michel Soons and Jon Duijnstee.


~ Jon Duijnstee takes over as chairman ~

ST. JOHNS ESTATE--After 33 years on the board of the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF), Michel Soons bids adieu. “This marks the conclusion of an era defined by visionary leadership and transformative advancements in healthcare on St. Maarten,” WYCCF shared in a recent press release.

    A celebratory reception at Emilio’s on December 1 honoured Soons’ many contributions, welcoming an assembly of healthcare experts, stakeholders, cherished friends and family.

    The new chairman taking over the helm from Soons is Jon Duijnstee, who has been on the WYCCF board for 17 years himself and vowed to do his absolute best for the foundation and the people of St. Maarten.

    Joining the WYCCF board in 1990, Soons played a crucial role in the foundation’s development and growth. From its origins on Frontstreet, the foundation has transitioned into a multidisciplinary healthcare organisation boasting 13 diverse care products.

    The celebratory reception showcased a timeline video of WYCCF’s many monumental milestones from 1972 to 2023. These include the inauguration of the Sister Basilia Center’s Daycare in 1984, attended by Princess Margriet of the Dutch Royal family, challenging disability stigmas and promoting integration. In 2001, the Sister Basilia Center Residence provided year-round living for people with intellectual disabilities, marking a new era of inclusivity.

    Relocating the St. Martin’s Home (SMH) in 2002 signified a shift towards high-quality care, while the establishment of Guided Living Facilities in Guana Bay in 2011 enabled semi-independent living. The District Nursing Department’s comprehensive home care services in 2012 expanded support for seniors and the opening of the Psychogeriatric Daycare provided critical relief for families.

    “Because of the very strong vision of the WYCCF board and our retiring chairman, Soons, we’ve constantly developed new care products to satisfy the care needs on St. Maarten, to constantly look out for what type of care is needed and to facilitate that,” said the release.

    For those interested in witnessing the visual journey chronicling WYCCF’s evolution, the timeline video can be viewed on the WYCCF Facebook page, “whiteyellowcrosscarefoundation”, and on the WYCCF website www.wyccf.org.

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