Medical fundraising ongoing to support cultural dynamo

Medical fundraising ongoing  to support cultural dynamo

Collette Jones-Chin Fundraiser.

ANGUILLA--Well-known and respected throughout Anguilla for her commitment to the cultural development of the island’s youth, Collette Jones-Chin has been involved with a multitude of exceptional performing arts venues and productions on the island for many years. Many on the island are now paying it forward and coming together to support her as she receives treatment for multiple myeloma.


  At the Women with Heart-sponsored fundraiser at the Valley Gazebo on Saturday, October 2, family, friends, cancer survivors and students along with the Minister of Social Development Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers spoke of the positive impact of Jones-Chin’s multi-pronged involvement with Anguilla’s youth, both in the classroom and in art, dance and drama forums. Kentish-Rogers said, “Collette has made it her mission to showcase and exhibit the talent on this island and to bring the community into the talent. When you have someone who gives of themselves so selflessly and entirely to something so important for our young people, we have an obligation to give of ourselves to ensure that Collette gets back to us in full stride.”

  The Women with Heart organisation is a local charity started in 2008 by Janine Edwards to assist and support women undergoing medical treatment for cancer. “Collette is one of a kind,” said Edwards. “I’ve never met an artist like her. She is a giant not only in Anguilla but in the entire region. She practises visual arts, theatrical arts, she’s a published author, she does art therapy, she designs the stage, makes the costumes by hand – she is a one-of-a-kind genius. We are blessed to have her here in Anguilla.” It was pointed out that Jones-Chin singlehandedly staged an event to raise money to assist the mother of one of her students, who was undergoing chemotherapy in Antigua.

  Her daughter Charisma, also a performer, said that her mother began her performing arts career at the National Theatre Guild in her home country of Guyana, where she served as the Director of Culture and Drama. Now living in Anguilla for many years, Jones-Chin teaches art at one of the private schools on the island, is the director of a dance company and produces a variety of theatre productions.