Irion to implement Innovation Fridays

Irion to implement  Innovation Fridays

PHILIPSBURG--The Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport has taken the steps to implement “Innovation Fridays”, which will allow employees in the department of innovation time on a Friday to work on projects of their liking.

  The “20-per-cent time” model stemmed from Google and has generated great ideas that not only optimize time, but also made processes within the organization easier to navigate, the minister said in a press release on Wednesday.

  “Employees have the most thorough overview and insight into their own needs and the needs of their consumers. Given the freedom to work on an idea they believe can be useful is one of the easiest ways to fill gaps in an organization,” Irion said.

  Another benefit of the project is the encouragement of teamwork and leadership skills, as the staff is normally faced with having to use the expertise of other employees to realize their project.

  “I have met with members of the innovation department and think they have great ideas. I am looking forward to their projects and reports” the minister said. “I also think this could potentially save time and keep the department relevant in the process” he said.

  Minister Irion believes that by allowing employees to focus on and create something they believe would benefit the company, you are making sure they are also heard and considered. Being the innovation department makes them ideal candidates.

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