Govt. to hold persons accountable for any damage to public property

Govt. to hold persons accountable for any damage to public property

Recently damaged government guardrails.



PHILIPSBURG--Minister of Finance Ardwell Irion says persons will soon be held accountable for any damage caused to public property as well as for the removal of car wrecks.
He made this announcement on Wednesday during the live Council of Ministers press briefing.

Irion said that in discussions held with Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI Egbert Doran, it was decided that the government would no longer pay for damage sustained to guardrails or any other public property by persons.
Persons will soon be held accountable for the damage they cause to public property.
Irion further added that persons will also be held responsible for the removal of car wrecks. He also noted that by law it is illegal to have car wrecks visible in key areas. “We will start the enforcement of these processes between the Ministry of VROMI, myself and the Ministry of Justice,” said Irion. “When it comes to accountability and public property and damage caused … we will be holding individuals accountable going forward.”
The VROMI Ministry is currently carrying out projects to remove car wrecks and urges persons to reach out to the ministry for the removal.
Doran announced during the press briefing that the ministry is currently in the evaluation stage for the recent public tender for the repair of the guardrails on the Dutch part of the island.
Irion said that hopefully this will be the last time the government will be covering the cost of repairs for damage caused by persons.

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