Governor marks 100 days in Anguilla with message to nation

Governor marks 100 days in  Anguilla with message to nation

Governor Dileeni Daniel Selvaratnam.

ANGUILLA--Governor Dileeni Daniel Selvaratnam has been in office in Anguilla for 100 days, and to mark the event she sent a message reflecting on that time. She said she has focused on understanding and representing the interests of Anguilla in every conversation as she continues to learn about what is important to Anguillians.

  “In my short time on island, I have been struck by the strong sense of community that exists across Anguilla, the deep faith of the nation, the innovation and creativity of all ages, and the shared desire to drive a better tomorrow. The unprecedented realities of our current health position require us to draw on each of these strengths in supporting one another and the public health response. From my initial virtual meetings in January to now, the health team’s excellent leadership and dedicated duty of care has been nothing short of impressive. Protecting the health of the nation has been an unrelenting task, but the health team continues to demonstrate committed public service and admirable determination in driving forward our public health response,” she said.

  She said that it is important for the public to play their part and respect the work of the Royal Anguilla Police Force, Immigration and Customs as they support the health team’s efforts to contain the current situation. There is a need to come together to keep Anguilla safe she noted, “Stay at home, shop closest to where you live, wear a mask and get vaccinated,” she advised.

  The governor outlined some of the events marking her 100 days that included: district tours; organisational, public service and community visits; events recognising the many talents of Anguilla; church services; the arrival of the coronavirus COVID-19 vaccines; swearing-in of the new magistrate, the new commissioner of police, public service board and integrity board members; a 21 gun salute in honour of the late Duke of Edinburgh; a virtual visit by the foreign commonwealth and development office parliamentary under-secretary; the completion of three Anguilla Programme projects; and a range of introductory, project and work-related meetings including 12 Executive Council and six Special Executive Council meetings.

  “Since my arrival I have been strengthened by the friendship shown to me by all. With our collective efforts I am confident that we can ensure a more resilient and safer time for Anguilla. Thank you, keep safe and may God continue to bless Anguilla,” she concluded.