Government appoints new board for Social Security

Government appoints new  board for Social Security

Social Security Board and staff.


 ANGUILLA--The Social Security management and staff welcomed a new Social Security Board (SSB) of directors. The members were presented by Ministerial Assistant Courtney Morton on behalf of Premier Ellis Webster.

  The new board consists of seven members. Six of the members have been appointed for a three-year term and have been approved by the Executive Council. The director is appointed by the Governor and is an ex-officio member of the board. The new board is led by chairman and government representative, Jacqueline Bryan-Niles. She is serving her second term on the board.

  In her brief introductory remarks to staff as chairman Bryan-Niles stated, “It is a pleasure to be here once again to serve on the Social Security Board because after having served as a Civil Servant for some 33 years, I know what it is like to be [responsible – Ed.] for the tax payers and people of Anguilla. Therefore, I see my role as chairman of the SSB as no exception.

  “We the board members are the newest members of the SSB team and each and every one of us has a role to play to ensure the success of this organisation. In other words, we are here to work together to achieve our motto – Improving the Quality of Life for all.”

  The Director of Social Security Timothy Hodge, on behalf of Management and Staff, expressed a warm welcome to the new board. He commented on the board’s work as a team, and the importance of having a strong, sustainable Social Security System for the people of Anguilla. He referred to the upcoming 40th anniversary of the November 3rd 1980 passage of the Social Security Act, and the need to update the legislation which, along with a new Information and Communications Technology (ICT) system, will allow the institution to deliver “Transformational Social Security”.

  In her closing remarks, the newly appointed chairman of the board, assured the SSB’s staff that the aim of the new board is to work along with the staff as a team, to ensure good governance and sustainability of the organisation for the benefit of all stakeholders. Denise Buchanan responded on behalf of the staff and also expressed the importance of everyone working together to achieve the desired results.

  The new SSB consists of Bryan-Niles, Kimberly Fleming, Kerith Kentish, Kiel Connor, Simone Harrigan, Lesroy Lake and Timothy Hodge.