Finger on the pulse at Statia’s medical centre

Finger on the pulse at  Statia’s medical centre

Nurses Naomi Fleming-de Palm and Merolien Kerindongo-Penijn attending to patient Lanisa Linzey-Hodge (right).

ST. EUSTATIUS--More than 100 Statians gathered at the ambulance parking lot on Friday to have their general health condition checked by a task force led by Queen Beatrix Medical Centre (QBMC).

  “Ten per cent of those tested for blood pressure, blood sugar and body mass have a slight or serious sign of disease,” reported Dr. Marije Veerman, who oversaw the free check-up.


Persons standing in line at the free health check.

  “Health is the wealth of Statia and the professionals who work in this sector are determined to vastly increase that wealth. As a result of testing, we have arranged many follow-up appointments at the centre, and they will get the best medical advice and treatment. These days, early diagnosis and treatment of disease can mean a longer life and the joy that it brings.”

  Because of the free health screenings several persons who were diabetic were discovered.

  Friday’s health check came about after a meeting of representatives of QBMC, the Lions Club and St. Eustatius Sports Facilities Foundation.

  Opened by then-Queen Beatrix in 1967, the centre currently employs a team of 20 nurses, clinical staff and doctors.

  Further outreach events to promote healthy lifestyles in Statia are planned by the three stakeholders. Persons who took part in the free health check were also treated to a healthy breakfast.