Driver implicated in fatal accident heard in court

Driver implicated in fatal  accident heard in court

The accident scene in Lowlands on January 23, 2023. (Pompiers photo)


MARIGOT--A Peruvian national was summoned to court on Thursday for his involvement in the fatal three-car accident that occurred in Lowlands in the early morning hours of January 23, 2023, and claimed the life of a 26-year-old woman.

A.H.G. (25), accused of causing the accident, denied that he was to blame, saying it was the young woman’s vehicle that hit him. Nevertheless, he apologised to the victim’s family and asked for forgiveness.

The expert's report concluded that the accident was due to human factors, in particular the fact that the three vehicles involved were travelling at speeds in excess of those permitted on this winding stretch of Route des Terres Basses, especially as the road surface was wet.

The impact came from the vehicle driven by the defendant veering onto the wrong side of the road, causing it to collide with the oncoming vehicle driven by the victim, which spun around 360 degrees and collided with the third vehicle travelling behind the defendant’s vehicle. These facts were corroborated by the testimonies of the drivers and passengers in the other vehicles also involved in the accident.

The defendant did not remain at the scene of the accident, in itself a crime for not attempting to help the victim. In fact, after the accident, he went to the Baie Rouge security guards’ booth and told them to call for help, then contacted a friend to come and get him. These facts were confirmed by surveillance cameras on site.

G. explained that he spoke neither French nor English, and that he was “very shocked” and left. It was only the following day, after tracing his whereabouts via the number plate of his vehicle, that the Gendarmes took him into custody. However, 24 hours after the event, his blood alcohol and drug tests failed to reveal anything.

The plaintiff’s lawyer sought to demonstrate that the defendant’s flight had been caused above all by the illegal situation of his vehicle, which was also uninsured, as well as by his illegal personal situation, as he did not hold a residence permit and lived from undeclared odd jobs.

The defence lawyer asked the court to study the testimonies with care. In the absence of tangible proof, the lawyer stated it was the word of one against the other that prevailed, before asking the court to acquit his client.

The victim Chloé (26) was a seasonal worker at a local restaurant in Grand Case. “She was not perfect, as no one can be, and indeed lost her life accidentally after a festive evening with alcohol and narcotics,” commented the lawyer for the civil party, who endeavoured to place culpability on the defendant, G., based on the highly-detailed accident report.

The Prosecutor requested a three-year suspended prison sentence for G. as well as a five-year driving ban on French territory.

The judge’s decision will be rendered on November 23.

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