Crime increased overall in 2022 after 2021 lull due to COVID-19

      Crime increased overall in 2022  after 2021 lull due to COVID-19

Préfet Vincent Berton (right) talks at the press conference where the 2022 crime figures were released.  Prosecutor Xavier Sicot (left) looks on. (Robert Luckock photo)


MARIGOT--Préfet Vincent Berton and Prosecutor Xavier Sicot released the 2022 crime statistics at a press conference on Monday. They noted the increase in crime in 2022 compared to less activity in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  The figures for all categories are listed as follows:

  Voluntary attacks on physical integrity: 911 incidents against 779 in 2021 (2.5 times the national average);

  Violence, unlawful acts: 113 compared to 86 in 2021 (31.40% increase).

  Non-felony crimes: 519 compared to 468 in 2021 (10.90% increase).

  Homicides and attempted homicides: three in 2022 compared to five in 2021.

  Sexual violence: 61 acts against 45 in 2021 (35% increase).

  Crimes against property: 1,367 acts compared to 1,119 in 2021 (a third higher than national average).

  Armed robberies: 78 with firearms against 47 in 2021 and six with knives compared to two in 2021. Total armed robberies increased by 71.43%.

  Thefts without violence: 1,150 incidents against 921 in 2021 (25% increase).

  Vehicle thefts: 343 light vehicles compared to 231 in 2021 (48% increase).

  Fraud and financial offences: Locally, 68% increase over five years.

  Weapons offences (seizures): 34 against 24 in 2021.

  Foreigner legislation: 100 deportations against 50 in 2021.

  Non-admissions: 41 in 2022 against three in 2021.

  Judicial activity: 117 false documents discovered and 34 defendants heard, 74 incidents of assisting to obtain residency, 57 cases of non-declared foreigners in an employment situation.

  Road safety: There were four fatalities in 2022 (stable, but 2.5 times the national average in relation to local population. However, a decrease was noted in accidents; 21 compared to 42 in 2021 and 30 in 2020. Some 19 persons were injured, including 10 hospitalised in 2022 compared to 34 in 2021 (29 in 2020).

  Drug seizures: 13Kg of cocaine, 66.5kg of cannabis herb and resin. Local agencies are also mobilised in the fight against international trafficking to the USA or Europe.

  Strengthening of partnership actions: Several partnerships were relaunched in 2022 and they will have increased power in 2023.

  Two of these are Comité Opérationnel Territorial Anti-Fraude (COTAF) involving the prosecutor, combatting fraud where undeclared victims are unprotected, targeting the community as a whole through uncollected taxes; and the Collectivité’s Anti-Delinquency department (Conseil Local de Sécurité et de Prévention de la Délinquance (CLSPD) with involvement of the prosecutor and President of the Collectivité. The aim is to have a global action to respond to delinquency issues in the territory, and to continue deploying video protection and surveillance cameras.

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