Craft & Farmers Market expands based on successful pilot project

      Craft & Farmers Market expands  based on successful pilot project

The board and volunteers of Le Sommet Foundation invite the St. Maarten community to join them at the Craft & Farmers Market this Saturday, August 5.

PHILIPSBURG--The pilot project for the Craft & Farmers Market, held under the banner of Le Sommet Foundation, is showing promising results according to Le Sommet’s president Fabio Doralice, who said the foundation will continue the project with some notable enhancements.

    The Craft & Farmers Market aims to gauge community interest and support for local farmers and artisans. Throughout the pilot period, the initiative garnered positive feedback from both vendors and patrons.

    “We witnessed an increased interest in vendor registration, a strong indicator of progress and acceptance from our local community,” Doralice said. “As a result of this encouraging feedback, we have decided to extend the pilot programme for an additional month.”

    The success of the pilot project has propelled Le Sommet Foundation to take further initiatives to support local farmers, crafters and livestock practitioners, explained Doralice, who is actively working behind the scenes to liaise with stakeholders and secure partnerships to extend the programme for a full year. “We are also negotiating with various organisations to provide technical support and training seminars for our vendors,” he said.

    For farmers, this means Le Sommet Foundation will offer comprehensive agricultural training, covering soil health, crop management techniques, pest and disease management, and sustainable farming practices. Crafters can look forward to skill development and creativity enhancement, with access to essential tools and materials, design and marketing guidance, and an emphasis on eco-friendly crafting practices.

    Doralice said participants will receive limited supplies and equipment, such as fertiliser, soil, compost, seeds and seedlings, animal feeds and supplies, water containers, and planter boxes, to further support their endeavours.

    Beyond the market, Doralice envisions a sustainable and thriving agricultural sector, actively contributing to the community's welfare. “The goal is to build a stronger, more resilient agricultural community, supported and empowered through collaboration and innovative programmes,” he said.

    To celebrate the progress made and showcase local farmers and artisans, Le Sommet Foundation invites everyone to the Craft & Farmers Market this Saturday, August 5, at the WIFOL Building in Philipsburg.

    “Come and savour the richness of St. Maarten’s flavours, experience the creativity of our talented artisans, and enjoy live entertainment that adds to the joyful atmosphere of our community gathering,” Doralice said. “At Le Sommet Foundation, we are dedicated to elevating lives within our community through professional excellence, meaningful social connections, and nurturing cultural diversity. Together, we reach new summits of growth, making a profound impact on the fabric of society.”

    For more information about Le Sommet Foundation and the Craft & Farmers Market, visit or contact the foundation via

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel. 1-721-526-8232.

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