Coca-Cola Curaçao joins regional pledge

Coca-Cola Curaçao  joins regional pledge

At the signing event.

WILLEMSTAD--Curaçao Beverage Bottling Company (CBBC) announced a pledge that includes five pillars: become a total beverage company; promote clear labelling; continue marketing responsibly; lead environmental protection efforts and promote regional prosperity.

The Coca-Cola Caribbean System continues to focus on generating a positive impact in the communities where it serves. Goal of this pledge is to communicate proactive commitments as a responsible and committed company that seeks to achieve progress through joint efforts and create a positive impact in the communities and markets where it serves.

“The signing of this pledge falls together with the celebration of the 85th anniversary of CBBC and shows not only that we have a profound relation with our island throughout the years, but also that we are focused on a long-standing and sustainable future”, said Managing Director Andrew Pinedo.

According to Vice-President of Franchise Operations for the Caribbean Muhammad Abdullah, “We are pleased to announce the release of our pledge, which is the culmination of our efforts to establish a comprehensive and all-encompassing statement of our values and objectives. It is important to note, however, that the release of this pledge does not signify the commencement of our efforts towards our goals; rather, it reinforces the commitment we have to becoming a total beverage company that is also committed to effecting positive change in the communities that we serve.”

Key commitments already guide the company’s behaviour and decisions towards environmental, social, and economic development in the region:

*Coca-Cola Caribbean System will significantly accelerate its offering of a wide range of beverages, including reduced-calories and no sugar options. The company will also put all efforts behind growing the offer of Coca-Cola No-Sugar option in all Caribbean markets and have its reduced-calories and no sugar options as champions of its marketing campaigns.

The Coca-Cola Caribbean System is dedicated to reducing its sugar footprint in the region with innovations centred in reduced-calories and no sugar products while maintaining the best quality and flavors enjoyed by consumers. In Curaçao 21.5% of the portfolio consists of zero calorie options.

*The Coca-Cola Caribbean System will use its labels as a vehicle for consumer communication and education to inform in a transparent and effective manner the contents of its products. It will support consumer education to facilitate informed choices according to different lifestyles by having clear and informative labels, help consumers understand how to read them, as well as information about ingredients in products and nutritional guidelines, through the Coca-Cola Company Corporate Website.

*The Coca-Cola Caribbean System will continue to respect the role of parents and caregivers as the decision makers for what their children consume. The company will continue abstaining from advertising in any media that directly targets children under 13 and will continue designing its marketing communications in a way that appeals only to adults. Coca-Cola will also advertise in media that directly targets adults and have commercial-free schools for children. The company will not sell directly added sugar beverages in primary schools and will continue respecting the local regulations in all markets.

*Coca-Cola vows to be protagonists in environmental sustainability efforts across the region, centred on collection, recycling, and reusability. The company will firmly advance towards its World Without Waste goals, which include making 100% of its packaging recyclable globally by 2025, using at least 50% recycled material in its packaging by 2030, and reducing waste by collecting and recycling one bottle and can for each one it sells by 2030.

Coca-Cola Curaçao opened their first recycling centre in 2014 and is actively promoting recycling. CBBC will also continue to work together to support a healthy, debris-free environment and oceans through its various clean-ups, as the co-founder of the Curaçao Clean Up Foundation and supporter of many cleanup events and other activities that support awareness and education on sustainability.

“In Curaçao, most of our packaging material is already recyclable and our locally produced bottles already consists of 50% recycled content. This percentage is already the highest percentage in the region, but we are striving to increase this percentage to 100% in 2024”, according to Myrthe George-Verhulst, Marketing and Sustainability Manager of CBBC.

*Coca-Cola will support the continued development of the communities it serves in through education and economic empowerment initiatives. The company will continue to be a supporting pillar for regional prosperity, as well as allies of its customers to help them thrive.

The Coca-Cola Caribbean System will continue working and using its scale for leadership and for good by generating a positive social, economic, and cultural impact. For over 85 years, CBBC supports local initiatives to generate a positive impact on our community. A recent example of this support is by granting a local student a full scholarship to study International Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University for Curaçao for four years.

*Finally, through the Caribbean Pledge, The Coca-Cola Caribbean System aims to become a reference for sustainability in the sector and ensure that this agenda becomes its competitive advantage in the region. The company is committed to create a more sustainable business and a better shared future that makes a difference in people’s lives, communities, and the planet.

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