Cay Hill roundabout spruced up by MP Wescot and team

Cay Hill roundabout spruced  up by MP Wescot and team

The Cay Hill roundabout before (left photo), during clean-up (centre photo) and after.

PHILIPSBURG--Member of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams rolled up her sleeves on Saturday to help clean up the roundabout in Cay Hill. “With the able hands of Mr. Webster, we managed to clean the roundabout and make it worthy of the One-Tete Lokay statue it holds,” she said.

  The MP said she found it unsettling to hear the praises showered on ancestral heroine One-Tete Lokay on the day of the apology by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in December, while the Roundabout in Cay Hill where her statue stands was in the overgrown condition that it was.

  “How we care for our own, says much about who we are,” Wescot-Williams said, noting that “it really did not take much” to give the roundabout a fresh look.

  “I am also eyeing the Cole Bay Osborne Kruythoff roundabout as this one is in a state of disrepair with broken pillars,” the MP said. “The traffic Man” was our hero too. Not that the other roundabouts are that exemplary either.”

  Wescot-Williams is known for supporting and participating in clean-ups throughout the island, setting the example that we all can give a hand. “While it is okay to clean and spruce up public spaces, where the disrepair and dirtiness is caused by human action and disregard, we have to find a way to hold these persons responsible and move to more aggressive anti-littering measures based on “the polluter pays” principle,” MP Wescot-Williams concluded.

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