Government will provide shuttle services for seniors

Government will provide  shuttle services for seniors

Aplus Services shuttle.


PHILIPSBURG--As of today, Wednesday, senior citizens will have the opportunity to make use of transportation services provided by government to visit local banks.

  “The shuttles are being provided only for people 60 years of age or older who have no means of transportation to get to the local banks to collect welfare or pension benefits during the three days [that – Ed.] movement is allowed,” it was announced in a press release on Tuesday.

  The shuttle services will be provided in six identified areas: zone one – Simpson Bay; zone two – Cole Bay; zone 3a – Little Bay; zone 3b – Cul de Sac; zone 4 – A Th. Illidge Road; zone 5a – Upper/Lower Princess Quarter (Belvedere); zone 5b – Middle Region; zone 5c – Upper/Lower Princess Quarter (Sucker Garden) and zone six – Pointe Blanche.

  Due to COVID-19 safety measures there will be strict enforcement of social-distancing measures and wearing protective facial masks/gear.

  The shuttles will allow a maximum of six persons at any given time because of social distancing. Also, before entering, persons will be asked to allow the sanitisation of their hands.

  “Again, please walk with facial masks to be permitted entry to the service. Please note, only the pensioner is allowed to board the shuttle,” it was stated in the release.

  “Once in the shuttle, you are to keep your mask on, and maintain that for entry to the local banks. Do not throw your masks away,” seniors were advised.

  Persons are urged to follow updates regarding the shuttle services which will be making rounds during official days allowed for visiting the banks on the Dutch side of St. Maarten, according to the release. The shuttle services are recognizable by vans with the zone numbers displayed in neon colours in upper corner of the windshields. The vans will also carry Disaster Relief on lower ends of the windshields.

  Additionally, it should be noted that the service is for seniors without any other means to get to the banks. It is not to do any other errands.