Adjustments made to phased reopening

Adjustments made  to phased reopening

TEATT Secretary General Miguel de Weever.

~ 6:00am to 8:00pm opening allowed from Phase 2 ~

PHILIPSBURG--Several adjustments have been made to the phased reopening plan of the country, with several businesses added and shifted within the reopening schedule. 

  Additionally, as of May 18, for Phase 2 of the reopening, businesses will be allowed to open from 6:00am to 8:00pm, from Mondays to Fridays. Businesses will continue to remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays to allow Collective Prevention Services (CPS) to conduct its community outreach programme to identify potential COVID-19 cases in the various districts.

Phase 2 reopening

  Businesses added to the Phase 2 reopening schedule – which goes into effect as of May 18 – include dental services; taxis, which will be required to operate at 50 per cent capacity; horticulture establishments, such as flower and gift shops; and musical instrument, stationary and office supply stores such as dollar stores, so that children can have materials to work with should any school decide to reopen. Establishments that sells air conditioning units are also allowed to reopen under this phase.

  Businesses that were originally under the Phase 2 reopening include medical, paramedical and rehabilitation services (except, at the time, dental clinics); government services; utilities and telecommunications; primary schools; library; food vendors (including for the sale of provision); money transfer services; real estate firms; employment agencies; dry cleaners/laundromats (for pick-up/drop-off only); (school) bus service to operate at 50% capacity); retail stores such as hardware, horticulture, electronics, books and school supplies, baby/maternity and auto and marine parts.

  Additionally, non-contact sports and beach going will be allowed from 8:00am to 6:00pm for groups no larger than five. Proper social distancing must be maintained.


Phase 3 reopening

  For the Phase 3 reopening, which starts on June 1, bars will be allowed to reopen, but these establishments, like others, will be required to ensure that social-distancing rules are applied at all times. Also added to the reopening for Phase 3 under retail establishments are souvenir shops, clothing, jewellery, shoe, furniture and appliance stores as well as the retail of alcohol and tobacco. Also allowed to open in Phase 3 will be pet shops, cosmetic stores, retail of vehicles and vessels.

  Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunications (TEATT) Miguel de Weever, who outlined the changes to the schedule during a live virtual press conference on Friday said, the reopening of ferry services will be primarily based on changes for travel restrictions and the country’s regulations on admittance and expulsion.

  “While they are able to operate it does not mean that they can bring in residents and/or visitors by air or sea,” de Weever made clear. He said that Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs has also instructed TEATT to ensure that it reviews and come with a proposal on how to handle the reopening of the borders.

  Businesses that were originally set to reopen in Phase 3 are dental clinics (now in Phase 2); restaurants (dine-in); other retail stores; recreational activities (except, at the time, bars (now allowed), nightclubs and dance establishments); community councils and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) (foundations, associations etc.); laundromats (public use); freight and courier services; Taxis (now in Phase 2), Ts and G plates at 50 per cent capacity; car rentals; remaining educational institutes; barber shops, hair and nail salons; religious services and weddings and marine services. Contact sports as well as indoor and outdoor sports will be allowed and sports facilities (gyms and stadiums etc.) may reopen during allowed opening hours.


Phase 4 reopening

  For Phase 4, which goes into effect as of June 15, places offering body and beauty treatment will be allowed to operate. Businesses that were originally given permission to reopen in Phase 4 are all remaining businesses, including but not limited to, market vending; bars, nightclubs and dance establishments; adult entertainment establishments; massage parlours; manufacturers and breweries and festivals, events and conferences. All social activities can also resume.

  De Weever said the revised phasing in schedule was completed and submitted. Also completed and submitted were guidelines associated with the approval. The guidelines were simplified and made straightforward to make it easier for businesses to submit their reopening plans. The new guidelines will be published along with the relevant decree.

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