Time to settle

Time to settle

Member of Parliament (MP) Melissa Gumbs of Party for Progress (PFP) has a point (see related story). It’s more than a year after the ransomware attack and people are still in the dark about their utility costs.

Many have been paying “on account” ever since because there remains a contested bill from that period, often because of the completely outrageous amount. Usually this regards just a month or two, so to leave customers in limbo for that long is disproportionate.

Persons involved were told they would be called when the problem was sorted out, which in most cases never happened. It is important to draw a “big fat” line under this unfortunate incident.

Compare the disputed bills with others right before and after as well as the same month(s) in both the previous and latter years. Cross-reference this data with available meter readings and do a reasonable estimate, then prepare a proposal and create an appeal process if agreement still can’t be reached.

Granted, this probably sounds simpler than it is, but at least a more significant effort needs to be made by now. The time has come to stop this matter from dragging on any further and to settle once and for all.

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