There to be seized

There to be seized

Apart from the main news stories there are two interesting developments in today’s paper that could have a positive long-term impact. Meadowlands and Cadwell Inc. announced that they have begun exporting recyclables. It regards only a first container for now, but one needs to start somewhere.

The efforts of the National Recovery Program Bureau (NRPB) with the current landfill contractor to supress the potentially hazardous underground fires and improve practices at the dump are appreciated, although the area’s residents in the possible danger zone must still be relocated. In the long run, however, a structural environment-friendly approach to waste management is indispensable.

The latter should include garbage separation and collection where possible per household as well as shipping out what cannot be processed here in a feasible manner. Using means from the Dutch-sponsored Trust Fund administered by the World Bank to achieve this certainly seems like a worthwhile investment.

The second notable report is on the reopening of Maritime School of the West Indies (MSWI) in its new Cole Bay location. That the current owner is founder of Kidz at Sea Foundation and has now also agreed to take over the maritime course previously given at National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) means training options in this sector are now united under one roof.

The island’s marine industry has grown tremendously over the past decades and despite significant recent setbacks from Hurricanes Irma and Maria as well as the COVID-19 crisis, it is expected to again rebound barring any more major disasters in the years to come. Many of the persons employed in related businesses, at marinas or on yachts are by necessity foreigners with a sailing background, but an increasing number of locals have managed to get certified and land these jobs, with the help of – among others – MSWI.

In that regard, the interview with a young lady working on a superyacht in Friday’s WEEKender should serve as motivation to all who might aspire to do the same. Opportunity is there to be seized.