One destination

One destination

Thursday’s story out of Marigot on a call for projects to provide a high-end hotel/restaurant training-school with classrooms for up to 60 students was interesting. The effort of the Collectivité supported by the State is reportedly part of a “move upmarket” based on qualify service.

The property in question must provide a full-scale technical platform for the practical aspect. This “top of the line” training tool is to “have an impact on the entire Caribbean with openings to North America.”

Ambitious plans no doubt, but a – nonetheless – worthwhile endeavour. After all, there has been talking of attracting more affluent tourists already for years.

Human attention remains invaluable throughout the hospitality industry, but especially when it concerns well-off guests. High-level preparation of employees to work in the sector can go a long way.

Besides, one of the often-heard complaints is that too few locals are found in management positions. To change that, adequate educational opportunities are key.

Perhaps also Dutch-side programmes in the field such as those of Sundial School, National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) and University of St. Maarten (USM) could indirectly benefit from this development. Such cross-border cooperation may not always be easy because it regards two different countries, but in the end the island is very much seen as one destination.