Not either or

Not either or

That the Dutch Government intends to financially support energy transition in Curaçao, Aruba and St. Maarten (see related story) is obviously good news. Caretaker Minister of Climate and Energy Rob Jetten informed the Second Chamber of Parliament that this will require a maximum of 150 million euros in investment subsidies.

However, while the current cabinet says it has earmarked sufficient funds, the final decision will be made by the incoming right-wing PVV/VVD/NSC/BBB government. That makes the future of these initiatives uncertain at best

Nevertheless, as a study the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO reported on in Wednesday’s newspaper concluded, solar panels are an attractive option for St. Maarten because their daily production peak aligns with the highest electricity demand period. However, there are few clear and concrete plans in that direction so far, TNO found.

To some extent it’s understandable that talk of alternative energy takes a backseat to resolving the acute lack of current fossil-fuel production capacity leading to frequent prolonged power outages and load-shedding. However, there are opportunities like stimulating decentralised solar panel installations by -among other things – promoting the apparently little-used local electricity buyback scheme.

This regards the environment, but also eventually lowering GEBE bills for everyone and reducing the country’s vulnerability due to its dependence on overseas fuel imports. Besides, it’s not either or.

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