Honest day’s work

Honest day’s work

The “Preparing for the World of Work” workshop of Student Support Services Division (SSSD) to be held next week Thursday (see Tuesday paper) is a good initiative. While much focus is often placed on high school graduates continuing their education, the reality remains that not everyone will.
In fact, people all over the world became successful without attending college, although it obviously gives an advantage. Important is that those who don’t for whatever reasons find gainful employment so they can take care of themselves rather than continuing to depend on parents or others, and maybe one day raise a family of their own.
Getting hired takes effort and first impressions count. Experience indeed shows that many job-seekers are ill-prepared. The value of a proper cover letter and résumé should not be underestimated.
Correct English is key as well, since – unfortunately – they are too often riddled with spelling, grammar and/or other mistakes. Especially for positions requiring any type of writing that would be a major turnoff.
Interviews carry the most weight, where it’s not just about qualifications and abilities but also attitude and character. Nonchalance or an apparent lack of keen interest are hardly assets.
What’s more, find out details beforehand about the business or other entity involved and what you could possibly contribute. If applicants themselves don’t seem convinced they want and are able to do the job, how can they expect the prospective employer to be?
Keep in mind there is a two-month trial period except for short-term contracts and performance will ultimately determine the outcome of such. Refrain from applying for a vacancy knowing you don’t plan to do your very best, because that is likely not to end well.
Remember that all labour – provided under humane conditions – is in principle honourable. There exists practically no kind of job where one can’t at least learn something useful.
There is nothing wrong with an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

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