Why St. Maarten remains an attractive destination for foreign investors

Why St. Maarten remains an attractive destination for foreign investors

By BrightPath Caribbean

We’ve all been there. It’s likely we’re all still in it. The effects of COVID-19 are still felt in the Caribbean and around the world. Although St. Maarten is certainly not immune to the resulting economic fallout, the island still holds on to the many perks that will likely result in a faster rebound.

Here are our thoughts on why St. Maarten should hold its value and attraction for foreign investors:

1. The island remains a steady income generator in foreign exchange such as US dollars and euros. Although the official currency is the Antillean Guilder, US dollars are widely circulated throughout, with most retailers listing prices in dual currency. Once you have acquired legal residency on the island, you can request your personal bank account in US dollars. Make sure you consult a specialized tax advisor from your country of origin that can further guide you prior to making the decision to obtain legal residency on the island. It helps to be guided by the experts in their respective fields.

2. St. Maarten is still a major import/export hub because of its duty-free status. This last item remains a BIG decision-making factor for expats looking to relocate to the island. Because of the duty-free benefits, expats usually import all their personal belongings, including furniture and vehicles, without having to consider any direct tax implications resulting from this. Also, the accessibility to food items, liquor and other consumables remains at a general par to other more developed countries, precisely because of the duty-free benefits. The volume of consumption is driven not only locally, but also within the region with smaller neighbouring islands procuring from within St. Maarten.

3. Purchasing property is still actively taking place, with property values holding steady. No property taxes are levied on the island and this has made long-time vacation owners and retirees enjoy owning their home on St. Maarten without concerns for direct taxation resulting from appreciating property values. Don’t take our word for it; contact your local trusted realtor of choice, and explore what buying opportunities exist in the market. Who knows? Your next purchase may qualify for legal residency on the island!

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Photo by Aga Sypniewska