Teaching our children humanity

Teaching our children humanity

From No Kidding with our Kids Foundation

“I think that a child’s mind is like a blank book. During the first years of his life, much will be written on the pages. The quality of the writing will affect his life profoundly.” –Walt Disney

The first meaning of humanity describes a particular kind of animal that biologists encouragingly call homo sapiens – or wise human – and which seems distinct from all other animals because of its powers of language, reasoning, imagination, and technology. The second meaning of humanity is used to describe a certain moral value that we can see operating across humankind as kindness and compassion for one another. We can therefore understand this second meaning as the kindness of humans.

We teach our children to speak, walk, ride a bicycle, learn and earn a living. We teach them traditions and different cultures, but why do we lag in teaching the importance of humanity? Why don’t we teach them to be kind to themselves and others? Isn’t the feeling of being humane towards others beyond any divisions the greatest value of all?

With the rising game of the internet, children are getting exposed to both sides of the world from an early age. They are unshielded from the glamour and also trolls the social media brings with it. They understand the love and question the hatred that is spreading throughout the world. No matter what you do, their minds are undefended from the violence and inhumanity around them. Thus, home is the place where the value of humanity should bloom around the child to help him or her ready to face the challenges of the outer world with courage and kindness.

Here are a few ways to teach your child humanity:

*Be an example in front of them.

*Use positive language.

*Communicate effectively.

*Wrap everything you do in unconditional love.

*Involve them in your day-to-day chores making every activity fun and interactive, but also making them understand the importance of the work they are doing.

*Gift them a plant or a pet.

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