It’s a Spanish Fiesta at Seaside Nature Park! A worthy fundraiser this Sunday 

It’s a Spanish Fiesta at Seaside Nature Park! A worthy fundraiser this Sunday 

An amazing Spanish Fiesta awaits you this Sunday at Seaside Nature Park, from 11:00am to 5:00pm. Not only will you enjoy Spanish-style live music, dancing, horse shows, food and drink, but you’ll be contributing to a great cause – for the animals and for the children. The day of fun will be very affordable – at just US $3 per adult, including a raffle ticket, and $1 per child, including a treat to feed the animals.

All proceeds will go towards building paddocks near the park’s entrance, where children can interact with the animals, as the park is not fully open to the public, due to financial difficulties tied to the pandemic. 

The entertainment

There will be pony rides and games for the kids. The pet farm animals are waiting to be cuddled and petted in the special cuddle corner. 

A professional show team will give a spectacular demonstration of carousel by both adults and children and a Spanish Doma Vaquera show.

La Hacienda, the restaurant at Seaside Nature Park, will be transformed into a real Spanish Tapas bar with Paella, tapas, sangria, churros and, of course, live Spanish music and a beautiful Flamenco dancing show.

The restaurant is right on the beach, so you can enjoy drinks, food and music, as well as some relaxing beach time. Last, but not least, we have a big raffle with great prizes from amazing local businesses and sponsors!

The cause

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the lack of funding connected to it, the Discovery Farm was forced to close its gates to the public. Since that time, Seaside Nature Park has still been trying to provide the children interactive moments with the animals, by bringing the mini-animals to the front of the park on certain days, placing them in temporary paddocks with barricades.

Seaside Nature Park wants to make this temporary solution into a more permanent one by building nice, safe and sturdy paddocks near the entrance, where the children can visit the animals and interact with them safely.

The cause is an important one, providing children a chance to learn about and interact with different animals. Since the St. Maarten Zoo was destroyed, the Discovery Farm at Seaside Nature Park has been the only place providing children with the opportunity to do so. Nestled along the shore amidst a scenic setting, the park is a beautiful place to connect with nature, and even learn about culture or history.

It has been a popular destination for field trips, providing fun activities and education about animals. Building these new paddocks will enable the park to accommodate these trips once again.

So come to Seaside Nature Park this Sunday, February 7, from 11:00am to 5:00pm for a unique experience, spectacular horseback riding shows, delicious Spanish food and wines, authentic live music and flamenco, all while supporting the animals and the park! The team at Seaside Nature Park & Discovery Farm would love to see you all!

Seaside Nature Park / Discovery Farm is located in Cay Bay at Cay Bay Road 64 (past the GEBE plant). For more information, call +1 (721) 544 5255, visit or find it on Facebook at seasidenatureparksxm or on Instagram at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.