Experience a Magical Moment in the World of Art this evening, with Cati Burnot and Murielle Abeger

Experience a Magical Moment in the World of Art this evening, with Cati Burnot and Murielle Abeger

This evening, Adonis Hotel in Cupecoy will host a magical event for art lovers: A showcasing of two passionate St. Martin-based artists – Cati Burnot and Murielle Abeger. Each of the two has distinct styles and methods; but both explore peace, passion and colour, translating emotions and sensitivities seamlessly onto the canvas.

Guests will be treated to a cocktail and buffet offering. The free event takes place from 5:00 to 10:00pm at Adonis Hotel, Jordan road #5, Cupecoy.

Art lovers and Adonis Hotel visitors will recognise Abeger as the resident artist, who explores the abstract world of fluid art. Here, we introduce Cati Burnot.

Burnot deploys a creative power in her paintings. Her technique is inspired by Flemish glazing and the harmony of wood and marble. She graduated with a gold medal from Institut Supérieur de peinture Van Der Kelen-Logelain in Brussels, Belgium.

A creative power native to her inner world projects a universe of abstraction and ethereal atmospheres. Travels and life experiences in different parts of the world – Japan, Africa, and now the West Indies – have enriched her palette and shape-work that is powerfully dynamic, colourful and sensorial.

She invites you to view the spirit of the world of dreams and intuition, and to take in visceral elements, paradise, femininity and felinity. Round forms and use of colour play a central part in the images taking shape, balanced yet complex and inviting. Gazing at the pieces, you can imagine the artist’s emotions through the brush strokes – the canvas filling with richness, spirituality and adventure. A sense of infinity, oxygen and new life is invoked. The artwork can be distressing, yet soft at the same time.

A portrait of the world is created, in a way that you haven’t before seen it – beyond its aesthetic aspect, it is a journey through the stars, time, and infinity itself. 

So is this world... a permanent illusion called reality or a dream nestled comfortably in the space of our memory? For more, visit www.saatchiart.com/cati.b.