Through Cam's Lens: Video Tings

“You want ya proper fix, call me

You want to get your kicks, call me

You want your G's fixed, call me

Mi have the remix, call me

From di odda day

It's like a play some bwoy, a play”

So as you may or may not have heard, I am a fulltime videographer now.

That’s it.

End of article. Good day.

You know I’m kidding. However, I have somewhat started to fall in love with the art and process of videography, so I’ve been tinkering with it. It’ll never replace photography for me, though – the ability to capture a moment in time and have that single moment tell an array of stories is too amazing of a craft to ever give up – but maybe they can share the space in my heart.

This past weekend, I shot two scenes of a video I’m working on for “LEIGHLOE Active”. I’m talking 100 percent video, 0 photography type of thing. Quick plug – basically my friend JoAnn started a fitness apparel line under her brand Leighloe – Ends plug.

On Saturday morning, I shot this jogging scene that ended up with me sitting on the back of a scooter to catch the jogging motion whilst trying to get stable footage. It was a lot harder than I had initially anticipated. I created a shot list and for the most part, I got all the shots that I wanted.

On Sunday afternoon, I shot this cycling scene that ended up with my sitting in Dominique’s open trunk as we drove along the Causeway Bridge AND hanging out of her back window as we drove circles around the roundabout.

Talk about adventure! I’ve been on A LOT of crazy adventures to get good pictures, but hanging out of and sitting on moving vehicles was never one of them. So cheers to more firsts!

I still feel meh about the footage, though. And it’s not meh because it’s bad; it’s meh because it doesn’t resemble the NIKE footage that I studied for reference. Yes; I’m unhappy because my footage, shot on a $3,000 camera by someone who’s shooting their first commercial, doesn’t stack up to a video shot on a $20,000 camera by a highly trained professional.

I can’t exactly say why I’m like this with myself, but it’s not ALWAYS a bad thing.

I know that I need to practice and learn and experience and fail and get up and... everything else that comes with the process. But why can’t I just wake up at Peter McKinnon? I’m sure you don’t know who that is, but that’s fine. He’s really amazing at cinematography and that’s all you need to know about him.

Maar ja...

I’m sticking with it, though. I’m putting that part of myself that beats myself up in check. And I’m pushing to enjoy the process.

I already have some videos that I’ve made on Instagram and YouTube, and a few on Facebook. Feel free to check them out and leave some feedback, as that would definitely aid in my growing process.

So you know. See you next time. And if you’re looking for a FIRE upcoming filmmaker; call me.

*Yo, Siri, play Dude by Beenie Man*