Through Cam's Lens: Sipping

“If all the raindrops

Were lemon drops and gumdrops

Oh, what a rain that would be!

Standing outside, with my mouth open wide

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah”

You know if you actually sit and think about it, it’s a lot more fun trying to catch raindrops than it is drinking water from a cup.

Catching raindrops involves playing in the rain. It requires some kind of strategy, while also leaving things up to chance. It gives you a feeling of adventure. Catching raindrops might also be a result of some level of crazy, but we’ll let the doctors diagnose that.

Now drinking water from a cup is so “bleh” – the act is mundane and it’s probably one of those motor skills that you can do without exerting any brain energy. Didn’t Kevin Hart call someone a “Sippy Cup Female Dog”? “A lil sippy cup…”

Anyway… If you were seriously thirsty, which method would you choose?

Would you attempt to get water into your system by catching it in the air 0.05 grams at a time or would you prefer to down a cup of 236.59 grams in seconds? You’d no longer care which act was mundane or not. You’d no longer be interested in adventures. The only thing you’d be concerned with was how to ingest as much water as fast as possible.

So it seems that what’s most important is the condition of the subject needing the water. Someone, who is not on the brink of death, might want to have some fun and see how many droplets they can catch. However, when you’re finished a workout at The Box, there’s a fight at the watering hole for that H2O – okay, not a fight, but “mans be thirsty bad”!

(This is where I fell asleep, and now I’m up wondering… “Where was I even going with this?”)

Okay, so I’m going to try and tie this together based on what I think I was going to say...Lol. If it turns out that it doesn’t make sense, well, forgive meh.

Recently, I got two books that I really want to dive into. The contents of the books are great, but reading isn’t really my thing. It requires my to stop everything and just put my focus on it and I guess we all have kind of been conditioned to “multitask”. That’s why I enjoy learning through video/audio, because I can take in the information and still edit photos or scroll on Instagram… Lol.

I think that’s where I was going with the water analogy.

Sometimes, it’s fine if you passively take information in. It gets into your subconscious, or you hear things that stand out and you can actually make a note of. However, other times you just need to give all of your attention to that thing: No sidebars, no multitasking and no distractions.

How badly do you need this information? Or how important is this information to your growth? That’s probably the deciding factor between catching droplets and drinking from a cup.

This makes sense, right? At least to me it does... I feel like I got something out of it.

Lil sippy cup…

*Yo, Siri, play If All the Raindrops by Barney (I guess)*