Through Cam's Lens: Reminiscing

Through Cam's Lens: Reminiscing

“Memories don't live like people do

They always 'memba you

Whether things are good or bad

It's just the memories that you have”

I saw Kim last week for the first time in a good while and it was really refreshing. She told me she reads my articles every week and of course I’m always shocked when I hear that…Lol. So, Hi Kim!

After I saw her, my mind ran back to 11 years ago when I had that interview in her office. Blue shirt, blue tie, black pants and black shoes – I was interview ready. One of the members of Accounts Payable was going on leave and they needed someone to fill in for a few months. My friend at the time hooked me up for the interview, as I was studying accounting at USM anyway.

I spent about two and a half years in the department before I moved to New York. It was a really great time of my life. Sometimes, I come across videos of Kevin getting beat and I have no choice but to laugh! I met some really great people during that time that helped to hold me a bit.

Kim and Judi were practically the first two people to know that I hated accounting – well, I grew to hate accounting. Kim was kind of helping me to navigate that. I even contemplated architecture at one point – interesting remembering that now. Judi as well always pushed me to do what I wanted to do and not just what I thought I had to do. Oh… those days when I had to sit in her office – all blushed faced!

It was during this time that I really understood that who you did things with was more important than what you were doing. Even though the work was mundane at the time (I didn’t have huge tasks because I was pretty much a temporary member), it was a PLEASURE coming to work every day, just being with everyone and knowing that some craziness would pop off eventually. We were in one big office shared between Accounts Payable and Reconciliation.

Oh the days of scaring Nadine! People crawling under desks; decorating for Christmas and all the other madness.

We were all pissed, though, when Kim left – especially me, because she’d basically handpicked me. ESPECIALLY because Judi had left as well – why y’all ain’t take me with y’all? LOL!

But man it was a really good time! Actually, I worked for TelEm between 2010 and 2015. I think I’ve worked in most of their departments – jack of all trades.

Shout out to the AP Family and the TelEm gang, though... even though I trash-talk TelEm constantly of Facebook.

*Yo, Siri, play Memories by Beenie Man*