Through Cam's Lens: Into 2022

Through Cam's Lens: Into 2022

“Build yourself a boat, babe

Make yourself a sail

Float into the ocean

To nowhere

Yeah, I see you’re lookin’

Looking for a sign

Praying for a beacon

So here’s the light”

And once again, it is the end of another year. Sheesh!

Honestly when you’re living in the moment you don’t realize how fast time is really passing. It’s really only in those moments when you sit and think about it, or you sit and reflect that you realise “Damn the year is gone!”

I know for a lot of people this second year of COVID-19 has not been much better than the first, but honestly and absolutely thankfully this year has been pretty good for me. Of course, like in anything there were ups and downs, and there were lefts and rights, lol! In overall summation I think I would give the year a low eight.

There were a lot of things that I set out to accomplish at the beginning of the year and there were also things that I started at the end of the year that I did not necessarily get a chance to complete the way that I want to. I mean we can dive into some of those things if you like.

So, I had a few financial obligations that I needed to clear up this year. Well, not needed to, but I definitely wanted to. All of which for the most part I managed to clear up. That has been also due to you. I saw an increase in clientele this year and it was absolutely appreciated. (Can you tell that I love using adjectives and adverbs and adlibs. Mama!) I appreciate y’all appreciating me and booking me and referring me and stopping me in the street to tell me how much you love my work. I love y’all.

There was also one other big thing on the 2021 to-do-list that I honestly slept on accomplishing, and I really hope that doesn’t come back to bite me in the rear.

In the beginning of the year, I also started a video series called “Yuh MOM”. That was super interesting, draining, cathartic, inspiring and demotivating. It was a cluster of things. Unfortunately, I did not get to complete that the way I intended to. Who knows, maybe it’s something that I can bring back in 2022.

I have a lot in store for next year. Nerve wrecking things! I’m not even sure how much I should say, but just know that I plan to leave my mark on the island in 2022. Trendsetting type things!

Plan guys! Don’t do the typical resolution thing but make some plans and set some goals. Just have somethings in place that you can work towards and use a motivation. It’ll take you a long way, trust me.

Be safe this weekend. You don’t need to overdo it. Love on yourself! Love on your people! And let’s have a fire 2022. COVID included!

*Yo, Siri, play The Lighthouse Keeper by Sam Smith*