How to spend New Year’s Day on SXM

How to spend New Year’s Day on SXM

Yes, everyone loves New Year’s Eve with all the glitz, glamour, and fun, but the following day is just as important. Here are a few ways you can spend the first day of the year!

Set your intentions

Yes, resolutions are out, but intentions are in and it’s time you started setting achievable goals for yourself. The first day of the year seems like the perfect time to make a list of small goals to achieve.

Go to the beach

If you’re nursing a wicked hangover from the night before, the perfect place to soak your wounds is one of our beaches. Lounge around on the sand, let the sun warm you, or even take a brisk swim in the ocean.

Host a get-together

No, it doesn’t need to be a serious thing. You can WhatsApp your favourite group and tell them to come over to your place for a drink up, or two. Begin the year surrounded by family, friends – and lots of carbs.

Clean up

Most things are closed on New Year’s day, but you may be able to catch up on that deep clean you didn’t get to do for the holidays, because you were working double shifts at your job.

Start your new calendar

If you’re into stationary and have a penchant for Van Dorp, then buy yourself a new calendar and decorate it with colour-coding, even if you don’t pick it up again after January.

Online shopping

Hopefully your cards aren’t obliterated from holiday shopping and you can take advantage of the sales happening online after everyone else has calmed down. If you’re frugal, this is your time to shine and save!

Netflix and Chill

If it’s one thing we love it’s a Netflix binge-athon, check out what new shows popped up while you were going Christmas crazy and catch up on some good content. You can also choose to watch a movie, or let the movie watch you as you lounge about.

No matter how you spend your holidays or start your New Year, do it on your terms, appreciate life and have a safe time jumpstarting your 2022.