Through Cam's Lens: In Need of a Break!

“Chain so icy, you don't have to like me

In a throwback jersey, with the throwback Nikes

I know you probably seen me with Cash Money from back in the days

The only thing changed is the numbers on the Range”

Another week, another article.

So, for whatever reason, I couldn’t really think of something to write about. I’m always thinking, so there’s no shortage of potential topics, but the “it” factor isn’t there sometimes.

I’ve been saying since December that I needed to take a day or two off. I’m talking no editing, no shooting, no training, no emails – just me and my sketch pad all day, accompanied by Netflix. Safe to say that I haven’t done that as yet, and my body is currently expressing its unhappiness with me.

I guess as a small business owner, when you get so accustomed to doing everything in your business, it’s a little harder to take your foot off the gas. If I were just the photographer, then it would be a bit easier to commit to doing nothing for a few days. However, being the photographer, manager, marketer, editor, and janitor, it’s hard to feel like I’m leaving all that undone.

Just give me a few more days to get this workout, bro. Where training is concerned, it’s easier to take time off as needed. I’ve learned my body really well in this area over the last few years and I know when to throttle down. You can only give maximum effort for so long before you need to really recover – and there’s also a big difference between training hard and over training.

Fatigue is fatigue. You need to train in that state so that your body learns to handle more, so that you can start gaining those extra reps or start lifting that heavier weight; but there’s a really fine line you need to be aware of. For example, if you have four muscles that activate in your shoulder in order to do a push-up, if one of those muscles doesn’t activate, it causes a strain on the others. That’s in part how injuries occur. So while training in fatigue is good, you also need to monitor that line because you don’t want to push to a state where muscles are too fatigued to activate.

I just took you to science class. Lol.

OH. Perfect segue.

I met one of my 6th grade teachers last week (Hi, Mrs. Ward!) and she was telling me that the only place she “sees” me now is in the paper. I’m like “You read my article!” And I think it was actually last week that I made a joke about only having 3.47 readers. Lol. I’m always surprised when I hear or see that people read this. Even former teachers!


I guess because it’s not like social media where you can track the insights or see the likes, it’s hard for me to know who’s reading. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter, because I’d bring quality humour to your eyeballs whether it was 1 or 100 of you. It’s just nice, while yet oh so surprising, when people tell me they read this.

I hate getting to the end and still not having a song in mind.


*Yo, Siri, play Stunt 101 by G-Unit*