Through Cam's Lens: Finding Reason

“You love me despite myself, sometimes I fight myself

I just can’t believe that you would have anything to do

With someone so insecure, someone so immature

Oh, you inspire me, to be the higher me.”

So… I was talking with you guys last week and I just lost my train of thought. Don’t believe the hype about multitasking – something always suffers.

I’ve still been thinking about the whole generational curse thing. “Curse” still sounds like such a scary thing, but I broke down what I meant by it last week. In a nutshell, it’s a negative (trait or consequence) that we have to deal with now because of an action or lack of action from a previous generation(s).

It’s undeniable that decisions we make today will affect our kids in the future in some way, shape or form. So it is also expected that the same applies to us reaping the consequences (good or bad) of some of our parents’ decisions and behaviours. Heck, even our grandparents! HECK, even our great-grandparents!

Even things like character traits or “the way we respond to situations” can be passed down, like the way I get annoyed by the appearance of stupidity…lol, just like my pops.


Okay. There’s this “tale” about a woman cutting the ends off bread (or something like that) before she puts it into the oven. Her reason for doing that is because that’s how her mother did it. Her mother’s reason for doing it was because that was how her mother did it. Grandma out here checking that the only reason she did that was because the ovens were too small back in the day and she needed to make it fit. So, all this time we’ve been losing out on bread because of a “tradition”, when, in actuality, it was never really a tradition at all...LOL.

So that’s one of the ways things get passed down.

Or if your parents were always in debt, it automatically sets your starting line in life’s race a little further back than the average person’s, so there’s a chance that you’ll fall into financial hardship – set up for failure even before you entered the world. Urgh!

That’s where my mind has been lately: Just trying to look at my life, my dad’s life and even my granddad’s life and seeing if there are any similarities. Or mapping out if any of the “hardships” that I face may be due to any of their decisions. Stuff like that is really good to know because it helps us solve issues we might be facing. It helps us to understand why we act certain ways and why we have some character traits.

Sometimes, when I see or hear of people who have poor relationships with their parents, I kind of hit the “two eyes staring emoji”. It really helps to have that knowledge of previous generations to be able to trace back to the source of some of our issues, to understand why we do and say certain things.

I guess I’m done rambling on about this for now. However, it’s still on my mind…

*Yo, Siri, play I Gotta Find Peace of Mind by Lauryn Hill*