Nothing but pure Hype - Saturday @ Astra

Nothing but pure Hype - Saturday @ Astra

This Saturday, August 20, Hashtag Entertainment presents their first Hype party at Astra. Get ready to be HYPED as DJ Outkast, King Kembe and Brukshot will be playing nothing but hype music. That means no R&B or zouk – so if you plan to slow down, don’t come around!

The party kicks off at 10:00pm. Entrance is $10 at the door until 11:30pm. After that, partygoers will pay $15 to get hyped while taking in Astra’s beautiful lagoon views. The best part? There will be free shots for everybody every time you hear LMFAO’s “shots” – and they won’t be stingy about it.

According to organizer Donny, better known as SPooN, this party is a two-year-old idea. He explains that the idea came to him on a night out. “We were having fun, but then the DJ told us to hold on to our ladies and started to play zouk and R&B. I was upset because like ‘who told you I have anyone to hold on to?’ We came out with the boys, we chilling, we came out to be HYPED. I was like: we need a hype night.”

SPooN started Hashtag Entertainment in 2015 together with long-time friends and business partners Wayne aka Grasshopper and Stephen aka Stretch. “This is the first event we are doing collectively, but have all organized events in the past,” he says.

Grasshopper and Stretch own the very popular carnival booth “Tizz De Spot”. The party will be featuring their oh-so-famous-drink “cock juice” – for the first time ever at any event outside of carnival season. Every lady entering the party receives a complimentary “cock juice”.

Read more about the performing DJs below:


St. Maarten’s top party and club DJ known region-wide as “The Cut Creator DJ Outkast” is known to pump it up and keep the music moving and keep party goers grooving! From cutting it up in the clubs to breaking new records on radio, DJ Outkast has perfected the art of mixing, scratching and blending music, using his totally unique style, where international, local and cultural rhythms weave into a steady tempo of musical movement for the crowd to enjoy.


Teddy goes by the stage name DJ Brukshot and is one of St. Maarten’s youngest DJs. He was born and raised on the Dutch side. “From a young age, I always had a passion for music. I would listen to soca, dancehall, zouk, rap, reggaeton, bachata – you name it, I’ll listen. So my taste for different kinds of music got quite big. My father is a musician as well, he played the keyboard in multiple bands here on the island before departing to live overseas, and my older sister is also a local artist here on the island. I basically grew up around music and the different types that exist, so becoming a DJ was basically inevitable,” he says.

King Kembe

Dekembe Justin Molina, aka DJ King Kembe, was born on the island of Aruba and raised on the island of Sint Maarten. King Kembe has always loved music from a young age. Growing up as a teen on Sint Maarten with his neighbourhood friends, they started a rap group called “Platinum Boys” – that’s when he first realized the love he had for music and his talent for creating music. In 2013, Kembe bought his first DJ equipment and one year later, he won the popular Soggy Sounds DJ-ing competition. “I started to get bookings at clubs, club birthday parties and even carnival events – the opportunities I always wanted. I gotta give a big shout out to Kurt aka DJ Boss Man for giving me the platform to showcase my talents,” he says.

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