Lunch at Movida!

Lunch at Movida!

By Claudienne Peterson

An eatery to grab a quick bite, Movida is a Rotisserie & Grill, serving tapas, burgers, sandwiches, rotisserie chicken, duck, grilled beef, lamb and fish, as well as desserts!

My partner Joey and I had been looking forward to visiting the establishment and were happy when we finally got our opportunity. With little time to spare, we found quick parking, sanitized our hands and walked into the clean and spacious Movida. It was nice and cool – a welcomed relief from the sun.

We ordered the Movida Spritz and Strawberry Cordial with prosecco; this was fruity, tangy, fun and youthful. We also ordered Champagne and the Pornstar Martini, which comprises vanilla vodka, passionfruit and pineapple – a great combo that was both refreshing and invigorating. Both drinks were so well enjoyed!

From the menu, we tried the following:

Cheese Sticks (handmade with gouda): Served with their own red pepper sauce, which was made with roasted red peppers, the gouda sticks were placed in very thin Johnny cakes that were perfectly fried and not at all greasy. They were awesome!

Duck Dumplings: We had the choice of Asian-style smoked duck or vegetable fried-dumpling and we chose the duck. Get ready for some deep flavour! The finely ground duck is well-seasoned and so tender, it almost melts in one’s mouth in the perfectly light and fried pastry. I did not want to share! We also got to sample some chicken soup made with fresh herbs. It was very flavourful, refreshing, clean on the palate, and so comforting. What a nice combination of flavours!

Steak Sandwich: We enjoyed a juicy skirt steak sandwich with lettuce, tomato and chimichurri. The bread was delish and had the perfect texture, but let’s talk about the steak – tender, well-seasoned strips that we ordered medium – it was done exactly as we wanted!

NY Striploin with Shrimps on top: Oh my goodness! Can you say flavour-burst?!! Yes, we Surfed n' Turfed that succulent steak with tasty shrimps on top and it was a real nice portion!

So for your information, the food DID come out fast, and Joey and I were able to eat, converse, enjoy our desserts of tangy Key Lime Pie and Churros with chocolate sauce and the choice of vanilla ice-cream or chocolate – and we still managed to be on time for our scheduled appointment.

Movida imports their own meat, processed especially for them, which is one of the many reasons why their dishes taste so amazing. The restaurant has a good price point and is conveniently located on the Simpson Bay strip. Whether you are having a quick lunch, sitting down for a leisurely dinner, or stopping by for drink or take-out, you will be very pleased with their menu options. They are known for their rotisserie (slow-cooked to perfection) and for their grilled offerings. I highly recommend their steaks. Other favourites are their Kobe burger and grouper burger – plus you can’t go wrong with 10 sides to choose from!

Located at #68 Welfare Road, Puerta Del Sol, Unit 1, Simpson Bay, Movida is open from 11:00am till midnight. It has a full bar & wine list; vegans are catered to and many gluten-free options are available.

Contact info: Phone: 544 0440; WhatsApp: 527-8119; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Instagram: movidasxm; Facebook: movidasxm; Website: