Let us know who the BEST OF 2022 is

Let us know who the BEST OF 2022 is

As the year comes to a close, we have launched our annual Best Of public survey. From BBQ joints to high-end restaurants; breakfast to dessert; sushi to pizza; visual artists to party DJs; nail salons, clothing boutiques and everything in-between, we want to know what goods and services you enjoyed most and what businesses or performers you hold in high esteem!

We’ve updated our list of contenders and changed a few things around… cutting out and combining just a few lists after much deliberation, in order to be able to add exciting new ones. New this year are the following: Best Local Product, Best Writer/Poet/Actor, Best Dancer/ Choreographer, and Best Dance/Yoga Studio.

We would have loved to keep them all, or even split the new ones up a little more, but with a hefty 80 questions included in the survey, there is simply no room to do so. We know that that’s a lot, and really want your vote on everything; but if you don’t want to complete the whole survey, you can opt to focus on some categories and skip others.

Categories are Food & Drink, Entertainment, Services, Goods, and People.

Don’t have a strong opinion on something? You’re free to skip individual questions as well.

To be clear, we do not have a judging panel picking the winners; we do not give any preference to the newspaper advertisers; and no one can buy their way to the top. Winners are chosen purely by public vote.

Lists tend to be on the long side, because we want to give the most contenders possible a chance at winning. And, yes, sometimes the “underdog” (or someone you’ve never heard of) wins or makes it to the top three! If you know your favourite, you know your favourite, and that shouldn’t present a problem.

If we missed any good contenders or you see one that has gone out of business, please do reach out and let us know.

While we ask you to vote for your favourite of the year 2022, please do note that when it comes to performers, some exceptions are made. Performers may no longer be involved in big events but perform at private events, villas, restaurants, etc. We’d rather be safe than sorry, keeping someone on the list that may not clearly be on the radar.

For some categories such as writers and actors, we also make an exception and have purposefully included people who have not produced new art for a longer time. This is because publishing books or films is a long-term process, and many consumers will not be exposed to the end-product right away. (You can discover a book years later at a book fair or in your school or book club, for example.) While rare, a few performers that have moved abroad have also been included, provided they have still been actively performing/working on the island.

The survey has been online for a couple of weeks now, already attracting around 6,000 voters. It will run until Monday, January 9 (noon), and results are expected to be published in late January. Are you a nominee? Let your customers and fans know about it and encourage them to support: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SQTCBW3

This article was updated on Friday, December 30 to reflect the correct survey closing date. 

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