In the Hot Seat with Maudienne Profas

In the Hot Seat with Maudienne Profas

Maudienne Profas had no intention of becoming a bodybuilder when she first started going to the gym as a student, but a coach saw potential in her; and after years of hard work, she is fully in her element, enjoying the fruits of her labour, and putting the island on the map in the world of athletics. Maudienne is a big proponent of doing things the right way to achieve long-term success, and is an embodiment of dreaming big, setting goals, and working towards them every day to achieve them – something she encourages everyone to do.

Maudienne, now 42, has called St. Maarten home for more than 20 years, and is originally from Curaçao. She has a son, Nathan Martiena, who she describes as her biggest supporter. She is a Certified Nutritionist, Glute specialist, Online Coach and First Responder under ISSA [International Sports Sciences Association] and has a Competitive Female Training and Coaching Degree under the IFBB Academy [International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness]. Let’s hear more in her own words.

A prestigious stage

Mr. Olympia is one of the biggest and most prestigious stages that everyone is fighting and competing to stand on. This is one of my biggest goals that I want to achieve. In order to achieve this goal, you have to compete and win your specific division – mine is Women’s Physique – so that you can qualify to compete in the Mr. Olympia Competition. This is held every single year in the month of November. On this stage, you are competing against the best of the best from all over the world. There’s an expo going on the same time of the show, where you are able to take pictures with the pros, talk, and ask them questions – which is a once in a lifetime experience. I advise anyone who has a chance to go, to do so, and experience this expo and show.

How it all started

I started going to the gym in 1998. I had been going to school in the afternoon, but my classes used to start at 1:00pm. So basically, my mornings were free. It was then that I decided together with another friend that I’d start going to the gym to work-out instead of having nothing to do. Without knowing what the future would hold, we start going to the gym every morning faithfully.

There was a particular gentleman in the gym that was a coach for athletes, and every day, he used to pass in the back of me while I was on the treadmill doing cardio. The treadmill is in front of the mirror, so I could see him looking at me every time he passed by. One day, he stopped and asked me if I didn’t want to try bodybuilding. I said, “Me? No. I don’t think so.” But he said that I had potential, and that I should just try it and see.

I tried it. My first competition was in 1998, and I still have a picture from that competition up to this day. What a journey! Yes, he saw potential in me that I didn’t see at that time, because I never would have thought that I would have been reaching so far and standing out as the only person and athlete who turned professional twice as a Women’s Physique Bodybuilder today.

Unfortunately, Mr. Stanley De Castro passed away many years ago, but I’m still in contact with his brother Mr. Joey De Castro, who told me that if his brother were still alive today, he would be very proud of how far I’ve come in the sport.

Favourite thing about bodybuilding

My favourite thing about bodybuilding is the preparation and the stage presentation. The preparation because of how you are seeing your physique transformed with all of the changes because of the diets, and when you start seeing the cuts and the separations.

As for the presentation on stage, I enjoy competing against the other athletes and showcasing my physique that I work so hard for. It is the only moment you have to shine on stage. When I’m on stage, that’s my moment and time. That stage becomes mine to enjoy in showing my routine, and what I’ve prepared to entertain the crowd and the judges. That’s one of the things that most athletes forget to do – enjoy themselves on stage.

Recent work

This year, I had three competitions lined up, but one which would have taken place at the end of June, was cancelled. Then I had chosen the OMAHA Women’s Physique Pro Dual Competition which I recently competed in on June 3. This was held at the Omaha Hilton Hotel. St. Maarten placed seventh out of 11 girls. This was also my Pro Debut and first time competing on the IFBB Professional League side. I’m more than happy with my placement for my first pro debut competition in this line-up. We had the best symmetry, smallest waist and the best abs in the entire line-up.

The feedback that I received from the judges is to work on the muscle volume and density, but keep everything else the same, and then I’ll be unstoppable on the stage. I’m now training, fully focused with that one sentence on my mind.

St. Maarten left a major impact on stage and with the judges. They have eyes on me and are on the lookout for St. Maarten again. Since the timespan is too short for what I need to work on, my coach decided it would be best to take the rest of this year and half of next year to work on getting more muscle mass.

Advice to the younger generation

My advice to those of the younger generation who want to get into the sport of bodybuilding, is to ensure that you are both mentally and physically ready, and in the right place in both aspects.

This isn’t an easy sport, or something you can do with one foot in and one foot out; when you choose to be in bodybuilding / to have a bodybuilding career, you’re choosing a lifestyle as well. You will eat, sleep, and drink bodybuilding.

The younger you start your career, the better and bigger chance you have at success, as you have more time for the development of your physique. Take your time and enjoy, while doing it the right way. Don’t go using all kinds of supplements around to get there faster.

I also advise finding an insider who has knowledge of the sport – a professional bodybuilder / athlete as well as a good coach to guide you in your training, eating and supplements. In this sport, you need someone’s help if you want to make it far, like where I am today, and I’m still going.

Also, please do plenty of research for yourself on everything that you want, like workouts or supplements that you want to use. Consider the pros and cons. Get as much knowledge as possible for yourself then both you and your coach can discuss what is best for you and your physique.

Staying on track, even when travelling

I always travel with my training bands, and make sure that the hotel/apartment I’ll stay at has a gym, or is close to one. I also make sure there is a kitchenette so that I can do my own grocery shopping, have the right food and cook my own meals. If there’s no kitchenette, an athlete still has to prepare, so I’ll bring my small rice cooker, George Foreman grill or small air fryer, so that I can cook and stay on track.

Goals & determination

My major goals are to qualify to be on the biggest stage, Mr. Olympia, to accomplish more challenges, be on stage, and to show my son that no matter what you might be going through in life, nothing is impossible. I want to show that through the ups and downs, you listen to your heart, and keep pushing. My son is my biggest fan and supporter.

You can accomplish any- and everything you put your mind to. Never stop dreaming. Dream big, set your goals, and go after them every day of your life. Consistency, determination, discipline and staying focussed is the key in everything that you do. In that regard, I exemplify doing what you preach and say.

We only have one body, and we need to take good care of it. Your body will thank you for it. Remember that your body is just like a car: if we don’t take care of our car and service it, all kinds of things start to go wrong. Your body will start to feel bad and get sick often without the upkeep. Teach children to eat healthy and exercise. What we do as parents, our kids will see and follow.

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