Gavin Kash new single releases tomorrow

Gavin Kash new single releases tomorrow

Tomorrow, Friday, May 26, local artist Gavin Kash releases his new single R.E.A.L. about staying real to yourself. Kash says he created the song to encourage people to stay true to themselves.

Charles Garvin Sancho, also known as Gavin Kash, was born on November 29 in Georgetown Guyana. The artist currently resides on the beautiful island St. Maarten.The reggae/dancehall artist has released several singles such as “I Want You,” “Good Love,” “Island Life” and “Wild Wild. ” Gavin Kash has seen rapid growth since releasing his last single “SXM Strong,” which was featured in various St. Maarten’s Day celebrations. The Out N About asked the artist about the song’s inspiration and message.

What inspired you to write this song?

Friends Family, daily situations we go through and I can go on and on. Kids also inspire me to write this song – I love kids, kids are beautiful, kids are real. They tends to express there true feelings and how they feel, while some adults would never do such. Some adults tend to have unrealistic essentials within and this is dangerous… But who am I to judge?

I also never doubted the realness of people until my past experience. So all I can do is to put it in writing and music, this is why I would always say “where words fail music speaks.” So all I can say is be real to yourself and others. So, answering your question, what inspire me to write this song,

I would say PEOPLE: people with two faces that tend not to show their true face…

What message do you hope to share with your listeners?

To my fans: use your time wisely, Never bother about what other people say about you. Be real to yourself and others, and never u apologize for being real.

Now go to YouTube search Gavin Kash R.E.A.L listen to my new release SUBSCRIBE click the notification bell for notification of upcoming releases.

What was your vision for the video?

My vision for the video is basically getting the message across. I focus more on the lyrical content in this video other than the scenes. Getting the message to reach the people was my main focus in this.
But the video is also a beautiful video and if u haven’t seen it yet please go to YouTube and do so.

Where can we find your music?
Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube. And of course on all social media platforms. Just search Gavin Kash!

“R.E.A.L.” will be released on all platforms on Friday, May 26. You can stream and/or download the song on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and iTunes.

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