Explore SXM’s underwater world with Sand Dollar

Explore SXM’s underwater world with Sand Dollar

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of St. Maarten and explore the vibrant underwater world on Aqua Mania Adventures’ half-day snorkel trip on board Sand Dollar. It is the perfect way to experience the natural beauty of St. Maarten and create unforgettable memories. Whether you're an experienced snorkeler or a first-timer, our trip caters to all levels and promises an unforgettable adventure.

Captain Shawn is a true son of St. Maarten with family ties to the Dutch and French sides of the island as well as Anguilla. Shawn came up through the Maritime School courses and gained experience with other tour operators before landing at Aqua Mania and taking the helm of Sand Dollar.

With his big, wide smile and genuine interest in his guests, Shawn is a firm favourite with kids and adults who choose Sand Dollar as an excursion. He loves the ocean and sharing his knowledge. He is patient and energetic and heads out every day as if he is on his first trip. He loves nothing more than jumping in the water and showing everyone around.

So where is Shawn headed to on Sand Dollar? Just outside of Grand Case, on the French side of St. Maarten, there is a protected piece of land that protrudes from the Caribbean Sea. Welcome to Creole Rock! This rock has an area of 0.2 square kilometres (0.1 square mile) and is uninhabited and protected as part of the French Nature Reserve. This means that those who visit the site may not step foot on Creole Rock itself. But that’s not where the action takes place anyway – underwater is where it all happens here!

Creole Rock is a popular site for both snorkelers and scuba divers. This site is the perfect location for anyone who wants to enjoy the water. Surrounding the rock is a field of sea grass and boulders that have broken off from the main landmass with pieces of coral growing throughout. 

The marine-life that can be found in the area is vast and diverse. Quite often, schools of grunt fish, tangs and sergeant majors can be found throughout the site. Green and hawksbill turtles frequently visit the grassy bottom and often eagle rays cruise by the outer edges.

Shawn will provide you with all the necessary equipment and a snorkel lesson if this is a new experience. Not only does he know how to make you enjoy the snorkelling to the fullest, but he is also full of knowledge about the island and will make sure you have fun throughout the three hours aboard Sand Dollar.

Because it’s a half-day adventure, this trip is perfect for families with younger kids, or grandparents who like to explore St. Maarten’s waters, but prefer not to be out in the sun all day. Cruising the coastline, you get to see several sights and a good feel of some of St. Maarten’s beautiful beaches.

Pick your time slot, morning or afternoon, as this trip departs twice daily, seven days a week, at either 9:00am or 1:30pm. Explore the reefs and encounter tropical fish, sea turtles and octopus as you snorkel in the warm waters. Back on the boat, you will be served light refreshments and a snack.

Book your spot on our Sand Dollar’s half-day snorkel trip with Captain Shawn, and discover the vibrant underwater world of St. Maarten! Call +1 (721) 544-2640 or +1 (721) 544-2631 or visit www.stmaarten-activities.com for more information.

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